Holly Willoughby just revealed the £5.79 secret to maintaining her hair at home

With the shutters temporarily down on hairdressers and salons up and down the country, we’re becoming increasingly desperate for ways to tackle our growing roots. Luckily, Holly has come to the rescue with a video she posted to Instagram detailing exactly how she colours her hair at home – and it’s so easy to do.

Holly Willoughby
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The This Morning presenter, who has worked with Garnier in an advertising capacity for years, captioned the post with: ‘How I colour my hair… Tomorrow morning on @thismorning I know I will get an awful lot of questions asking how come I’ve managed to get my hair colour done whilst we are in lockdown (roots were getting out of control!)…

‘I thought it’s a good opportunity to answer that question and a few others… Do I really use @garnieruk to tint my own hair and if so how do I do it?… Hope this helps if you are considering home hair colour for the first time … Always do a patch test and follow the instructions’.


Holly starts her DIY hair tutorial by saying: ‘Hi! So this is weird, here we are in lockdown and you might be the same as me, you might be looking in the mirror going “oh my goodness, look at that big dark stripe that’s coming down the top of my head”‘ – if that sounds like you, well this is the video you’ve been waiting for.

‘No one ever believes that I colour my own hair – I do, I colour it all the time,’ Holly goes on to say. ‘It doesn’t damage my hair, I find my hair is in better condition since I do this because I’m not layering up tons and tons of highlights… Nine times out of ten, this is the tint I do.’

Holly Willoughby garnier nutrisse colour

Garnier Nutrisse Natural Baby Blonde, £5.79, Superdrug

Then, from her gleaming white bathroom, Holly takes us through her root touch-up tutorial using her Garnier Nutrisse hair dye (with her face on the box, no less) step-by-step, making it super easy to follow along at home – but not before doing a patch test 24 hours before.

‘Obviously before you start colouring your own hair, the most important thing to do is patch test… everybody’s skin is different and everybody reacts in different ways,’ Holly explains.

It takes the TV presenter no time at all to fix her roots (and in her words, any stray greys) and get her hair back to the beautiful golden blonde tone we know her for.

It seems Holly’s 6.5 million Instagram followers love her even more for sharing her hair dyeing secrets, with one commenting: ‘And this is why we love you ?’ and another jokingly said: ‘What an absolute legend! The hero we all need in these times! (Coming from an NHS doctor ?).’

Even professional hairdressers have given the This Morning star their seal of approval: ‘Well done @hollywilloughby I’m a hairdresser and your application wasn’t all that bad at all your hair looks beautiful and like you said no more stripe and no more greys!’ wrote one.

‘Well done @hollywilloughby ??‍♀️ from a professional hairdresser you cracked it ?’ agreed another. ‘ I recorded a video to send to clients on how to colour their own hair at home I’m just going to forward yours on now it’s much more fun!’