Holly Willoughby just wore another gorgeous ASOS sequin skirt

It’s safe to say that Holly Willoughby has secured the crown as queen of festive dressing. This month on Instagram she has been sharing her #12DaysofSparkle outfits, and after the absolute lead balloon that was last Christmas, we are totally here for all the glitzy, glamorous outfits she has to offer.

The most recent gem in Holly’s wardrobe is a frosty sequin and crystal fringe midi skirt, which beautifully catches the light at every turn.

We were very excited to see it’s a skirt from ASOS, but less so when we hunted down the £100 ASOS Edition sequin and crystal fringed skirt to discover it’s out of stock.  Predictable, but still very sad for our own wardrobes all the same.

Holly willoughby sequin skirt

Based on our experience, products do come back in on the ASOS website as the brand receives more stock or processes returns, so we’re bookmarking the page and crossing our fingers for a Christmas miracle before 25th December rolls around.

Holly Willoughby asos sequin skirt

Sophia Sequin Midi Skirt, £60, Forever New

Or, as an alternative, this sequin midi skirt from Forever New is strikingly similar, and would look equally gorgeously with a plain cream knit like Holly’s.

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