Holland & Barrett’s sell-out plastic-free beauty brand Ethique is back in stock

We are becoming increasingly aware of the impact our choices make on the planet, and beauty is one area we can really make a difference in with small yet important changes. With so many shampoos, body creams and facial cleansers bottled in plastic, it’s hard to escape harmful packaging that could end up our oceans.

But sustainable brand Ethique has been doing everything they can to encourage beauty consumers to opt for a plastic-free beauty bar instead of a big plastic bottle of skin, hair, or body product. And while you may not have heard of Ethique before, they actually sell in humble health store Holland & Barrett.


So popular was the store’s initial drop of Ethique beauty bars, certain products sold out within 48 hours, with others garnering a waiting list of a cool 55,000 people. Luckily, they have now been fully restocked and can be bought online as well as in-store.

So what’s so special about an Ethique bar? Well, as previously mentioned, the brand has a zero-waste mentality, meaning their bars are wrapped in completely compostable packaging, and feature no plastic. The bars themselves are also vegan and cruelty-free, and are made with all natural, clean ingredients like coconut oil.

There are options for the face, hair and body, meaning you can ditch the big plastic shampoo bottles and un-recyclable body lotion pumps for good. The bars have the equivalent of three bottles of product, so are also brilliant value for money.

Ethique pink bamboo in-shower container, £11.99, Holland & Barrett

And if you’re worried about your bars going soggy in the shower, simply pick up one of their in-shower casings that’ll fully protect your product.

Holland and Barrett hope that this new re-stock of Ethique’s products will stop 70,000 plastic bottles from being produced; a huge feat for the beauty industry and for sustainability on the whole.