H&M is full of super flattering swimwear this summer

When it comes to buying swimwear, finding The One often feels like mystical folklore that no one has ever actually managed to achieve. Too often we’re left with something that just doesn’t quit tick all the boxes – it might look nice but the fit is a bit off; if it’s comfortable then there’s a good chance it isn’t the most stylish option; and if it does both of these things then we wouldn’t be surprised if it’s on the pricey end of things. And even then that doesn’t mean it ticks the sustainability box, something we’re all more and more conscious of these days.

If you’ve finally had the chance to dig out your swimwear for the first time in years (thanks, pandemic) and are left feeling less than enthusiastic about it, you’ll be pleased to know H&M has brought back its range of crinkle swimwear that they once described as ‘super comfy’ and had been designed to give a ‘flattering fit’.

H&M swimwear

The high street store has also expanded its selection of other, super flattering swimwear. Not only do the swimsuits and bikinis bear affordable price tags (just like a lot of what H&M does), they’ve produced the crinkle swimwear in a range of gorgeous sorbet shades, and the general collection is full of bright and vibrant colours.

The items in the collections are sold separately, so you can mix and match the styles to your exact preference and finally find your ideal pairing – no more compromising on unflattering bottoms because the top is cute, or vice versa.

What’s more, the pieces have been made using more sustainable materials, such as recycled polyester, recycled polyamide and recycled elastane. There’s bound to be something for you to wear on your next holiday…

The H&M swimwear collection

H&M crinkle swimwear mint swimsuit

High-leg swimsuit, £19.99, H&M

H&M stripe bikini

Padded triangle bikini top, £3.99, Tie-tanga bikini bottoms, £3.99, H&M

H&M white swimsuit

High-leg swimsuit, £19.99, H&M

H&M crinkle swimwear lilac bikini

Padded bikini top, £12.99, Bikini bottoms, £9.99, H&M

H&M green bikini

Padded bandeau bikini top, £12.99, Brazilian bikini bottoms, £12.99, H&M

H&M crinkle swimwear mint bikini

Brazilian bikini bottoms, £9.99, H&M

H&M crinkle swimwear pink swimsuit

Bandeau swimsuit, £24.99, H&M

H&M brown bikini

Padded triangle bikini top, £12.99, Brazilian bikini bottoms, £9.99, H&M

Shop all of H&M’s swimwear here.