H&M’s stunning new Conscious Collection is now available to shop

We’re all looking for ways to make our wardrobes a little bit more planet-friendly, whether it’s shopping from sustainable brands or hiring clothing rather than buying it. Perhaps now more than ever, we need to take steps to take care of our planet, and our relationship with fast fashion is finally changing. 

H&M model shot

Striped Button-Front Kaftan, £79.99, H&M

Sustainable fashion is now becoming more accessible than ever, with high street brands such as H&M doing their bit to offer environmentally-friendly pieces. The brand launched their Conscious Collection in 2012, and is currently using it as a sustainable stepping stone on the way to reach their goal of using only recycled or sustainably sourced materials in just ten years time, by 2030. 

H&M conscious top

One-Shoulder Tulle Trimmed Top, £79.99, and Wide Linen-Blend Trousers, £79.99, H&M

If you’re a fan of the line, the good news is the next drop is ready for you to peruse now — and it’s simply stunning. 

H&M conscious dress

Rib-Knit Dress, £59.99, and Beaded Slides, £69.99, H&M

The collection is inspired by Le Train Bleu, which was the elegant sleeper train that went from Calais to the French Rivera (Côte d’Azur) in the 1920s. Pieces are therefore decked out in Rivera-inspired stripes, and boast gorgeously over the top silhouettes, and taffeta, taffeta, taffeta. If there was ever a time to shop for aspirational (yet affordable) pieces we can all have fun with once our current health crisis is over, it’s now. 

H&M tunic

Voluminous Tunic, £79.99. H&M

But while the collection — which boasts elegant pieces for the evening, as well as daytime classy summer-wear — is undoubtedly beautiful to look at, it also has an impressive story behind it. The creativity the Conscious designers have gone to this season to seek recycled, sustainable materials to make their clothing with is a highlight in itself. 

H&M conscious dress

Tulle Ball Dress, £229.99, H&M

First up, many of the new pieces have been made with leftover materials from previous collections, meaning nothing has gone to waste. These materials include recycled glass for accessories, recycled polyester-taffeta, and organic silk. 

H&M suit

Silk Blend Top, £39.99, and High-Waist Jeans, £49.99, H&M

Leather-look pieces are made from a genius material named Vegea, which is created using discarded grape skins, stalks and seeds from the winemaking process. 

There’s also the collection’s first denim piece, which they have ensured is as eco-friendly as possible by using 100% undyed organic cotton that’s recyclable. This means less water to create more denim in the future, as well as fewer chemicals to dye the jeans.

H&M hair pin

Rhinestone-Decorated Hair Pin, £17.99, H&M

While the clothing is all excellent, the accessories are perhaps the standout of this range. From intricate seashell-inspired hair accessories to strappy mules, these will see you through 2020 and beyond.

The new H&M Conscious Collection is available to shop online now.