Insta-famous beauty brand Herbivore Botanicals is now available in the UK

It’s no secret that Instagram has become the go-to hub for beauty tips from around the world. It’s where we get our daily hair, makeup and skincare inspo, watch tutorials and most importantly – discover exciting new products.

Herbivore Botanicals, a cult natural beauty brand is the latest to be hyped among beauty influencers – and thankfully for us, it has finally launched in the UK, seven years after development began.

While the name may not ring a huge bell, their gorgeous (and very Instagrammable) pastel-hued products probably will. Having done the rounds on social media for quite some time now, Herbivore Botanicals has fast become one of the most coveted beauty brands in the industry, largely thanks to its non-toxic formulas.

The brand, which prides itself in its focus on nature and the use of organic ingredients, was founded by husband and wife duo Alex and Julia. The couple started creating their own products in their home kitchen in Seattle back in 2011, using only $50 worth of soap.

‘We set off to build a brand that would be a cornerstone in the shift of the market towards naturals,’ Alex said in an interview with Refinery29.

‘We didn’t have a business background but we had passion, authenticity and a mission. We had no leverage breaking into this industry. We were just two people with a passion for beauty, wellness, sustainability, social justice, and animal welfare. We built our company on those values and people have responded really well to that.’

Their most popular products from Herbivore include the Pink Cloud Rosewater Moisture Cream (£42), a lightweight moisturiser that hydrates, plumps and smooths using Rosewater, Aloe Water, and White Tea Extract, the Lapis Balancing Facial Oil (£22-£60) known for providing anti-inflammatory relief for blemish-prone skin, and the Moon Fruit Superfruit Night Treatment (£48), a sleep mask packed with resurfacing acids and hydrating hyaluronic acid – all of which have received rave reviews from beauty editors and bloggers.

The products are now all exclusively available for UK buyers at SpaceNK but be quick – stocks of the the bestsellers are diminishing as we speak!