Helen George responds to criticism over working while pregnant

Just when you think that society may have taken a few steps forward, you discover there are still people who think you shouldn’t work while pregnant. At least, that’s what actress Helen George found out, after she received criticism online for filming Call The Midwife while pregnant.

helen george

The actress, who plays Trixie Franklin in the hit drama, was forced to take to Twitter to address ‘ridiculous comments’ she had received about filming the show while pregnant with her second child. Helen gave birth to her daughter, Lark, at the end of 2021, but filmed the latest series during her pregnancy.

‘I’ve seen too many ridiculous comments about my pregnancy whilst filming Call the Midwife’ she posted on Twitter. ‘Women get pregnant, our bodies change. But we have the right to work if we choose to do so. How about just supporting it, and don’t question it?’

The comments she was addressing include one, now deleted, where a viewer said ‘It’s very unprofessional in my opinion. It’s not as if it’s filmed all year round. It’s a short window. She should quit if she wants to be pregnant while filming. It ruins continuity and the aesthetics of the show.’

Co-star Olly Rix, who plays George’s on-screen love interest Matthew, also took to Twitter to defend his co-star, replying to the viewer’s post: ‘Take a bow… Dumbest f***king tweet of the night.’

Many people were supportive of Helen’s stance, with one saying ‘A programme which is all about pregnancy and midwifery, and people are complaining that one of the main characters is pregnant in real life? Make it make sense.’

We quite agree – and can’t wait to watch the series when it continues on Sunday.

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