This ‘incredibly comfortable’ shapewear is receiving rave reviews from customers

When you think of a piece of shapewear, you probably think of restrictive fabrics, aggressively tight waistbands and a fierce battle just to get it onto your body – hey, Bridget Jones’s awkward shuffle into those famous slimming pants is an iconic moment for a reason.

But as iconic as that image is, it’s also rather outdated, because there’s a new generation of brands leading the way when it comes to comfort, and taking such pride in their aesthetic that you might even want to wear their pieces as outerwear too.

Heist shape wear

Heist first made its name by reinventing tights, elevating them from uncomfortable saggy staple to breathable second skin, thanks to an innovative seamless design and adaptive waistband that doesn’t roll, twist or dig in. With a size range up to a UK 22 and seven different shades of ‘nude’, the foundation was built for a new, inclusive approach.

But its shapewear that’s really taken the brand’s reputation to the next level, both in feel and in look. The Outer Body has quickly become Heist’s hero piece, earning rave reviews from fashion insiders and influencers on the know for its built-in support, clever compression and seam-free bonding that’s invisible under any outfit. The brand claims that the bodies will take 5cm off your waist, and you won’t even feel it.

Heist shapewear
The Outer Body, £95, Heist

In addition to the usual black and beige, as of 13 June, you can also get yours in one of three limited edition colours: Ink, Ivy and Sienna, adding a pop of colour to your summer wardrobe that you can tuck into shorts, skirts, or jeans, as well as using it underneath dresses.

Happy customers are already applauding the fit on Heist’s Trustpilot page, with one saying: ‘I’ve been looking for a bodysuit with a bit of “shapewear” qualities forever and after reading all the raves about the Outer Body, I sprang for the investment – and now happy I did so! Got the black version yesterday, tried it on immediately and it felt great – materials feels deliciously firm and fitting without suffocating and looks great on. Worth the $$$.’

‘The Body as absolutely amazing and everything that it was advertised to be,’ another agreed. ‘It shapes and holds you but unlike other shapewear it is incredibly comfortable – you do not even feel like you are wearing shapewear – no biting or pinching.’

If you don’t want a full body fix, you can also try The High Waist, a set of £55 pants that come with the same magic panels but finish just below the bust. From summer weddings to city break exploring, this new breed of shapewear has got you covered – with no mini meals, careful breathing or circulation cut-off required.