This area in Lancashire is officially the happiest place in the country

Ever wondered which area in the UK is home to the happiest people? The country may be in political turmoil but that hasn’t stopped locals in one British town from looking at the brighter side and keeping a smile on their face, according to new research.

Happiest places in the UK
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In a recently published survey by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), it was revealed that Ribble Valley in Lancashire is the happiest place in the UK.

The results were accumulated after people across the UK were asked ‘how did you feel yesterday’ and told to give their answer on a scale of one to ten.

The data showed that the rural area, which is famed for its fairytale-esque beauty, got the highest score with an average of 8.5 for the happiness levels of its residents.

Ribble Valley was closely followed by The Orkney Islands, located off the coast of Scotland as well as the city of Chicester in West Sussex, both of which got an equal score of 8.29, coming a joint second on the happiness list.

Hambleton in Rutland and Flyde, which is also in Lancashire, made the top five too.

Happiest places in the UK

  1. Ribble Valley: 8.30
  2. Orkney Islands: 8.29
  3. Chichester: 8.29
  4. Hambleton: 8.19
  5. Fylde: 8.18
Happiest places in the UK
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Meanwhile on the other side of spectrum, the survey also revealed the least happy places in the UK, with the least happy location being Surrey Heath in Surrey which only got a score of 6.71.

The second least happy spot is somewhat bizarrely on the border of the most happy place (Ribble Valley) as the survey named South Ribble the second most miserable place with locals giving a happiness score of 7.02.

Lincoln came in at number three with a score of 7.09, while the rest of the top five was made up of Worcester and Norwich.

Least happy places in the UK

  1. Surrey Heath: 6.71
  2. South Ribble: 7.02
  3. Lincoln: 7.09
  4. Worcester: 7.14
  5. Norwich: 7.15

However,  the ONS also reported that the overall happiness level of the UK has in fact increased as the average for this year is at 7.56, a slight improvement from last year’s 7.52.