This coastal town has been voted the happiest place to live in Great Britain

According to a recent survey of 21,000 people by Rightmove, the happiest place to live in Britain right now has been revealed, and it’s a coastal fishing town on the south coast of England.

St Ives boats
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Guessed it yet? With its surrounding nature, thriving art scene and boast-worthy beaches, the Cornish town of St Ives in Cornwall has been named the happiest place to live in Great Britain. To be honest, it’s not hard to see why – a Google image search of St Ives conjures up a place that looks far more exotic and far-flung than somewhere on the British coastline.

And there’s plenty going on here too – the seafront Tate St Ives gallery hosts a rotation of modern art exhibitions, the food and restaurant scene is second to none and a colony of seals is just a short boat ride away. What’s not to love?

St Ives bay
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Tim Bannister, Rightmove director of property data, commented: ‘Since lockdown we’ve since a trend towards more people looking to live in smaller communities, and so it’s very fitting to see that the picturesque town of St Ives has taken the top spot in 2020.’

Backing up that trend, Skipton in North Yorkshire came in second and Warwickshire’s Leamington Spa took home the bronze.

It seems many people have already cottoned on that St Ives is a highly desirable area to live, as demand for property in the area has already risen by 120 per cent in the last year.

St Ives street
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The survey also revealed some other interesting insights, such as that the happiest place in Wales, Llandrindod Wells, is all the cheapest place to buy a home, with the average costing £150,963. It was also found to be the place in Great Britain where residents felt able to be themselves most often.

Perth, the happiest place in Scotland, came fifth overall, is the second cheapest place to buy a home and has one of the strongest community spirits of anywhere in Britain.

Tim added: ‘Our latest research shows that despite all the challenges that this year has brought, many people have been able to reconnect with their local area and community which has had a positive effect on how they feel about where they live.’

The top 20 happiest places to live in Britain is as follows:

  1. St Ives
  2. Skipton
  3. Leamington Spa
  4. Llandrindod Wells
  5. Perth
  6. Kendal
  7. Stratford-upon-Avon
  8. Dorchester
  9. Harrogate
  10. Richmond
  11. Falmouth
  12. Hexham
  13. Weymouth
  14. Shrewsbury
  15. Tonbridge
  16. Plymouth
  17. Poole
  18. Northwich
  19. Barnstaple
  20. Guildford