This is the UK’s ‘happiest’ kitchen style and configuration

Pre-2020, we used to not spend much more time than than late evenings and weekend mornings in our own homes, but since the coronavirus pandemic and ensuing lockdowns, we’ve all spent more time inside our homes than ever before. And, now that more of us have learnt how to cook restaurant-level meals at home and gotten used to a flexible working from home set-up, it looks like most of us will continue to spend more time in our homes in some capacity.

white kitchen

Following this rekindled love affair with our own abodes, it’s natural that we’re all thinking of ways to make it a space that brings us joy, rather than a place we merely tolerate being in. If you find you spend most of your time in the kitchen, you’ll be interested to know that Magnet has defined what the ‘happiest kitchen’ looks like: a white kitchen with a central island, walk-in pantry, American-style fridge freezer and a coffee machine.

This came from Magnet’s research which found that 1 in 6 people believe a crisp white kitchen would bring them the most joy and almost a third of people (28 per cent) said that incorporating an island is their preferred configuration for boosting joy. An open-plan kitchen/living space was also a popular choice, with 1 in 5 people agreeing that would be their go-to choice for bringing joy into their kitchen set-up.

white kitchen island

When it came to kitchen features, walk-in pantries were voted top for making people feel their happiest (15 per cent), closely followed by an American-style fridge freezer (14 per cent) and then a coffee machine (10 per cent).

Hayley Simmons, Director of Commercial Range at Magnet, said: ‘Lockdown has changed how we live and the way in which we interact with our home spaces. A well designed, functional space that makes for an organised, happy home is now more desirable than size, with only 11% of people choosing size as their most important consideration. This insightful new research brings to light just how consumer behaviour is shifting, and how priorities have changed.

American fridge freezer

‘Now that socialising and hosting is back on the cards, we want an organised space that complements our lifestyles, whilst also looking stylish and premium. Consumers desire more ‘mindful moments’ at home and want a well-balanced, tidy space to enjoy those in. A morning coffee was voted the top mindful moment to enjoy in the kitchen, with 1 in 5 people claiming it would make them the happiest, closely followed by eating dinner with family or housemates.’