Why you shouldn’t spray perfume on your hair – and what to spritz instead

Who doesn’t love spritzing a great big cloud of their favourite fragrance from head-to-toe? But it turns out that getting perfume on your hair is a bit of a no-no.


That’s because the higher alcohol content found in most perfumes will dry out the strands – especially if you’re spraying it on daily. So if your hair is feeling a little crispy, or you suffer with particularly bad split ends, you’ll definitely want to steer clear. For those prone to a sensitive scalp, perfume can also irritate and dry out the delicate skin on your head, causing itching and flaking.

If you do want to use a scent on your hair, use a special hair mist. These come bottled like a regular perfume but are formulated with less alcohol, meaning they are better for your hair health. Some products also incorporate nourishing ingredients like argan oil, so your locks look and smell great.

And the good news is you don’t have to compromise with a less-than-luxury scent – most high-end perfumers have caught onto the trend, creating hair-friendly versions of their bestselling fragrances.

These luxury mists are perfect if your regular hair products don’t smell so great (they can often be too sickly sweet or commercial) or for dirty hair that needs a bit of a refresh. We’re thinking they’d come in handy post-BBQ too.

If you’re lucky your signature scent will come in a hair mist formulation, but if not, you can have fun layering your fragrances to create something totally unique. Here are our favourites:

6 Luxury Hair Mists

Gypsy Water Parfum pour Cheveaux, £38, Byredo

Chanel No5 The Hair Mist, £40, Boots

Diptyque Eau De Sens Hair Mist, £36, Space NK

Narciso Rodriguez For Her Hair Mist, £28, Harrods

Tom Ford Black Orchid hair mist, £50, Selfridges

YSL Black Opium Hair Mist, £30, Debenhams