This new scheme turns your used Xmas tree into a candle

The post-Christmas slump is incredibly real, and having to get rid of all of your Christmas decorations is less than joyful to say the least. One particularly painful act is having to dispose of your beautiful Christmas tree, which has brought all the festive cheer and a delightful piney aroma to your home. But the good news is there’s a new, pretty incredible way to do this come January 2020.

Natural skincare brand Haeckels, who are dedicated to sustainability and protecting our oceans, have introduced a new scheme which sees old Christmas trees being re-used and transformed into a very special take-home candle. To celebrate the brand’s very first London store on Broadway market, they will be offering an upcycling initiative for Christmas trees from 2nd January.

Anyone who takes in a used Christmas tree will be able to take home a totally unique candle called ‘Your Tree,’ and any leftover material will also be made into fuel to be used in Haeckels’ bathing machine sauna. What’s more, residents who live near the new store (in Hackney) will also be eligible for a collection service for their trees, which means no awkward train journeys to bring yours in!

This move is the latest in Haeckels’ dedication to sustainability. ‘Every year thousands of Christmas trees are thrown away after their brief stint in our living room,’ the brand says. ‘It’s a problem we’re not happy with at Haeckels. We’ve focussed hard in 2019 about how we can make a circular economy. And we’re not stopping yet. We want your Christmas tree. We will upcycle your tree into unique candles that will scent your home for Spring.’

Before you get too excited, the service isn’t free. However, at only £45, it’s a really unique, lovely way to re-use your Christmas tree in a sustainable and nostalgic way.

You can find out more about how it all works at Haeckels’ website.