Ear piercings: Why a ‘curated ear’ is this season’s hottest accessory

Ear piercings are the subtlest, chicest way to add a little extra edge to your look, and right now they’re more popular than ever.

Victoria Beckham ear piercing

Just ask Victoria Beckham – the former Spice Girl-turned-prestige fashion designer did a Q&A via her Instagram page this week, where she revealed to fans that she’s had three new additions to her ear this summer alone.

‘Bridgett from @miamitatooco and @lizziemandler are amazing!’ she said, after a fan asked where she got the piercings done. ‘The helix, forward helix and conch piercings are new this summer.’

Scarlett Johanssen ear piercing
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Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson has also long been a fan of ear piercings, wearing up to seven hoops plus a stud on one ear. Rochelle Humes has four ear piercings on one side at last count, and even Beyoncé has her fair share, with holes going up all the way up her cartilage.

And where the rich and famous go, we’re following: London-based jewellery boutique Astrid & Miyu told YOU that it has seen a 300 per cent increase in footfall to its stores since it introduced piercings last summer, and the hashtag #curatedear brings up more than 40,000 social media posts.

But if you still don’t know your helix from your conch, or can’t decide which studio to visit, don’t fret – we’ve asked Sam Hayler, Astrid & Miyu’s head piercer, everything you need to know:

What is the most popular ear piercing?

In terms of cartilage piercings, helix and daith are definitely having a moment and are the most popular for us with cartilage piercings now making up 40 per cent of the total piercings we do. The rest are simple lobe piercings, we get a lot of first timers!

Are there any particular studs to chose for a specific area of the ear?

It depends on the area and if your piercer thinks your anatomy is appropriate for either a stud or hoop. Labret studs (the kind with the flat back) tend to heal a little quicker than hoops.

Astrid & Miyu

What is the best way to take care of your piercings?

We only recommend using sterile saline twice a day, on the front and back of the piercing while its still in the healing phase. However, once they are healed you should take care of them as you would any other part of your body.

What should you consider when looking for a reputable studio to get a piercing?

Firstly check they only pierce with needles! Google reviews and word of mouth are the best ways to find out if the piercer you’re visiting is experienced. If you need reassurance, reach out to the piercer themselves. Can they answer the questions you have? And are they able to explain how they sterilise their tools and supplies?

Ear piercings guide

  • Lobe piercing – any standard piercing on your ear lobe
  • Helix piercing – a piercing on the outer cartilage rim of the upper part of the ear.
  • Forward helix piercing – a piercing on the outer rim of your ear at the top of the rim,  just above the tragus.
  • Tragus piercing – A piercing on the inner piece of cartilage which sits over the ear canal directly above your ear lobe.
  • Anti tragus piercing – A piercing on the tiny bit of it of cartilage next to your lobe, opposite your tragus (explained above).
  • Snug piercing – A piercing that passes through the anti-helix of the ear and sits just above the anti tragus .
  • Rook piercing – A piercing at the top of the antihelix, on the other end of the cartilage rim from the snug.
  • Orbital piercing -This is any piercing where two holes are made on the same part of the ear.
  • Industrial piercing – Two or more piercings through the ear cartilage.
  • Daith piercing – A piercing at the end of the helix on the innermost part of the cartilage.


5 of the coolest piercing boutiques to visit

Astrid & Miyu

Astrid & Miyu

Astrid & Miyu has is described as the ‘most Instagrammable piercing studio in London’ and you’ll definitely agree after a visit to their recently launched Shoreditch branch located in Boxpark. It feature a large piercing room to provide customers with privacy when getting pierced, as well as the brand’s popular Ear Bar. Once pierced, customers can work with A&M’s stylist to create their own personalised ear stack using their new piercings. Prices start from £45 (per lobe), £55 (cartilage) for surgical steel/titanium, and £95 for solid gold and all piercings include the jewellery. Astrid & Miyu now pierce seven days a week across all of their stores (Bond Street and Shoreditch) as well as in Selfridges.

Maria Tash

Maria Tash’s piercing studios are a go-to for celebrities and the fashion elite. With stores across the world including New York City, Dubai, Rome and London, the brand’s solid reputation means you’re in safe hands. Visit their piercing studio in Liberty (the department store became Maria’s first permanent base outside the US back in 2016) or pop into the Harrods branch to get your next piercing with expert service. Prices start at £15, not including the jewellery.



The high-street retailer recently launched Piercing Parlours in selected stores across the UK, following the rise of the trend. The new parlour offers both lobe and upper flat cartilage piercings and customers have their choice of 24-carat gold, Tiffany cut, delicate gold and silver hoop earrings among others. Best of all, the service is completely free with the purchase of earrings, which starts at £15.

Sacred Gold

Sacred Gold

Located at Coal Drops Yard, Sacred Gold is the brain child of renowned tattoo artist Joao Bosco and Guy Saar. The two are best known for being the co-owners of famous piercing parlour, Love Hate Social Club in Notting Hill. The luxury piercing studio offers high-end piercing and tattoo services as well as Europe’s largest selection of BVLA metal body jewellery. Prices for ear piercings start at £20 and the jewellery cost is additional.

Lark & Berry

Lark & Berry

Luxury boutique Lark & Berry is located in Marylebone and offers in-house gold and diamond stud piercings. They have a vast selection of ear pieces including those with 14K gold with VS+ diamonds (which tend to be the most popular). Not to mention an impressive collection of chic, quality jewellery to chose from. Priced for piercings start at £95, with additional costs for your chosen jewellery.