Grace Beauty is ensuring makeup application is accessible to all

Grace Beauty has just launched a range of products that allow makeup to be accessible to all, including those who have a disability.

The brand is soon to debut its range of clever products with three add on attachments you can clip onto your mascara wand.

Grace Beauty Instagram

The first, ‘The Safe Grip,’ allows you to grip on to your mascara easier. The brand’s Instagram describes it in the following caption:

‘The Safe Grip is easy to hold, gives a wide angled grip and ensures better control for all kinds of users. Material is rubbery, flexible but hard which will ensure a grip even though the fingers can’t wrap fully around the grip.’

The next, ‘The Ring Grip,’ is excellent for holding on to products easily, and retrieving them if they drop to the floor.

Grace Beauty

‘The Ring Grip was created as a general aid for anyone,’ Grace Beauty says.

‘When attached you don’t have to hold as hard, nor worry about loosing your grip or picking up the mascara from the floor. The rubberband will tightly connect to most mascaras on the market while the ring will be big enough for even the biggest fingers.’

Grace Beauty

The third product is the ‘The Square Grip,’ which can be attached to the handle of products to make them easier to open;

‘The Square Grip attaches to both side of your mascara to make it easy to open, hold and control in a discrete package. Simple, minimal and with a rubbery feeling that will ensure a better grip.’

Grace Beauty aims to help those with the likes of Arthritis and Cerebral Palsy. The products are not yet available on their website (which has also not launched yet), but you can follow them on Instagram and join their group on Facebook to hear about all the latest updates.