You can now buy a Gordon’s Pink Gin cake from these supermarkets

What do you like to mix with gin? There’s a good chance you’ve tried the spirit combined with tonic or lemonade, or maybe even ginger ale. But have you ever combined gin with cake? With gin rising in popularity over the past few years, gin cakes have become more common, too. But now, renowned gin brand Gordon’s has released it’s very own Pink Gin cake for the first time.


Gordon’s launched its iconic Pink Gin back in 2017 and has decided now is the time to turn it into an equally tasty treat. The cake is layered with pink and white sponge, sandwiched together with raspberry jam. It’s decorated with Gordon’s Premium Pink flavoured frosting, in a pink and white ombre colour effect. Plus, the cake is also adorned with edible sugar pearls and dried raspberries to really make it special.

Proving you’re never too old to eat a pretty pink cake, the latest Gordon’s creation is perfect for summer birthdays, barbecues and picnics. If we had to guess, we’d say the cake could probably be cut into at least eight slices. But it’s made up of four sponge layers, so you might be able to get away with cutting more narrow slices.


The pink gin cake was created with the help of Finsbury Food Group. Declan Hassett, senior licensing manager at Diageo, said: ‘Following the hugely successful launch of our Premium Pink Gin in 2017, we wanted to create something really different and special for our customers. There was no better choice than partnering with Finsbury to make our cake dreams a reality.’


There’s good news if you’re not the biggest fan of gin, too. Speaking on behalf of Finsbury Food Group, brand manager Emma Hamilton, added: ‘We know gin lovers will want to snap this up, but we’ve made sure that there’s enough beautiful flavours and toppings to delight those who aren’t as partial to gin too!’

Gordon’s Pink Gin cake can be found in Asda stores from 25 July and costs a reasonable £12. The cake will be available in Tesco shops from 6 September.