Gordon Ramsay reveals the most intimidating person he’s ever cooked for

We don’t expect fiery chef Gordon Ramsay to be phased by much, especially when it comes to cooking for others. But it turns out there was one public figure who he was quite scared to cook for – the Prime Minister of Russia, Vladimir Putin.

Gordon cooked for the politician and then Prime Minister Tony Blair in 2000, for a Downing Street lunch. Speaking on the Kelly Clarkson show in the US, the celebrity chef revealed he was worried he would give Putin food poisoning.

Gordon Ramsay Kelly Clarkson show
Gordon Ramsay on the Kelly Clarkson Show. Getty Images

‘I remember being invited to Downing Street to cook for Tony Blair and President Putin,’ he started. ‘I genuinely did s*** myself. I was thinking “Could you imagine if you food poisoned these two. Could you imagine the kind of s*** I would get if I took these two down.”

‘It was quite an extraordinary experience. I was standing in between them to say hello and they were asking me about the English asparagus and I’m thinking “Get me the f*** out of here, I’m done.”‘

Gordon Ramsay meeting Putin and Tony Blair
Gordon Ramsay meeting Vladimir Putin and Tony Blair at Downing Street. Getty Images

Gordon Ramsay continued to share insights into the important lunch, revealing he had to take his own kitchen utensils to cook with in a surprisingly small space.

‘After I had finished with them I had to go upstairs and cook for the two first ladies in this tiny little flat. You had to take your own pots and pans. In Downing Street you would expect a proper kitchen but we were loading in pots and pans,’ he said.

So what was on the menu? The world leaders were served up a tomato consomme with golden caviare from albino sturgeon, mosaic of chicken and ham knuckle, roasted slice of sea bass on crushed new potatoes with white asparagus in a red wine sauce, and treacle tart.

Luckily, Gordon had support when cooking this fancy meal for the Prime Ministers and first ladies. He took his former sous chef Angela Hartnett along with him, as well as Mark Sargeant from Gordon Ramsay Restaurant.

Gordon Ramsay and Angela Hartnett
Gordon Ramsay and Angela Hartnett in 2006. Getty Images

The Hell’s Kitchen chef went on to reveal Princess Diana was the most famous person he’s ever cooked for, when she visited his restaurant in Chelsea.

‘It was an amazing moment meeting such a wonderful lady. She was asking me about the specials and it was an incredible six minutes at the table that you never forget,’ he said. ‘She was so gracious and as a 27-year-old cook you just think “This lady’s amazing”.’