Where to go on holiday according to your star sign

If you’re an astrology lover who’s currently trying to pick the perfect holiday destination for the summer, we’ve got just the thing to help you decide.

W Hotel has teamed up with Ruby Warrington, Founder of cosmic lifestyle platform, The Numinous, to create the ultimate guide highlighting where the best possible holiday destination for you is according to your star sign.

That’s right, as well as telling you your career, relationship and financial fate, your horoscope can now also advise you on the best places in the world for you to visit based on the typical characteristics of your sign.

So with no further ado, here are the destinations each of the twelve signs should add to their travel bucket list this year…

Capricorn – Xi’an, China

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‘Epic expeditions to ancient sites and monuments form the backbone of Capricorns’ travel schedule,’ says Ruby. ‘So soak up the historical splendour in Xi’an, which stand as starting point of Silk Road, having abundance of historical treasures of China.’

Aquarius – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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‘A journey into outer space would be the ideal Aquarius getaway, as they thrive on journeying to the edge of the unknown, envisaging a life of endless possibilities. For a taste of the future today, Kuala Lumpur is an entry point to one of the fastest developing cities in the world.’

Pisces – Seminyak, Bali

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‘An imagination like no other sign, Pisces move through the world with an open heart and one foot in a fantasy of their own creation. The luxuries of Bali await.’

 Aries – Taipei, Taiwan

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‘This air sign likes to be where the buzz is and thrives on constant stimulation,’ insists Ruby. ‘A city break to this modern metropolis, where high-tech living collides with easy access to natural wonders, will feed Aries’ ‘Type A’, all-or-nothing personality.

Taurus – Guangzhou, China

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‘Luxury is a must, and from lush island getaways to lavish spa breaks and epicurean adventures, Taureans seek travel experiences that satisfy all the senses. Taureans’ dedication to the cult of the catwalk is also second-to-none, and Guangzhou is a decadent landing pad into what is recognised as one of China’s premier fashion capitals.’

Gemini – Brisbane, Australia/ Sentosa Cove, Singapore

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Endlessly adaptable and with one eye always on what’s new and next, their up-for-anything attitude, and infinite curiosity sees Geminis sampling a wide array of travel destinations. A  trip to the city beach resorts of Brisbane or Singapore will satisfy their desire for a kaleidoscope of experiences.

Cancer – Maldives

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‘They crave privacy like no other sign and seek secluded spots where it feels safe to emerge from their shell. Cancerians are the most watery of water signs, so nestling into the private cabanas at the W Maldives private island resort, offers perfect tranquillity.’

Leo – Bangkok, Thailand

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‘Life is one long party for the Leo, and they prefer to dance from one adventure to the next. Bangkok is a jet-set gateway into a city that feeds Leos endless appetite for life.’

Virgo – Shanghai/Suzhou, China

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‘Virgos thrive on efficiency and while switching off fully can be a challenge, they find their  own kind of relaxation in the soothing cadence of a well-oiled routine. Shanghai and Suzhou are the perfect bases for exploring two of the busiest cities in China.’

Libra – Koh Samui, Thailand

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‘Forever seeking beauty, balance and harmony, Librans are drawn to travel experiences that offer the best of all worlds. A tropical hideaway that’s also a hub for Thailand’s beautiful party people, W Koh Samui will tick every one of Librans’ boxes.’

Scorpio – Hong Kong, China

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‘Each new adventure is the beginning of a magical mystery tour for Scorpios, who love to slip behind the scenes and journey deep below the surface. W Hong Kong is the gateway to one of the world’s most mysterious cities.’

Sagittarius – Goa, India

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‘As the most adventurous sign of the zodiac, those born under Sagittarius are forever setting off for horizons unknown.’