Go for Gold – get your hands on a FREE Bellápierre Mineral Lipstick!

Bellápierre Cosmetics have been on our radar for a few years now but, until recently, they were more of an occasional beauty purchase than a hefty got-to-have-it-all kind of a brand – for us anyway.

This all changed the moment we tried the Bellápierre Mineral Lipstick – a gorgeous and bold lipstick, formulated with natural waxes, mineral pigments, iron oxides and super-strength antioxidants including Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

We couldn’t get our hands on as many as we’d like – they are literally like gold-dust but we did manage to procure them as our FREE gift for all Gold YOU Beauty Box members andsecure ALL YOU Beauty Box members a fantastic 30% OFF all orders over £30 from www.bellapierre.com.

So, who are Bellápierre and why do you need them in your life (and make-up bag)?

Bellépierre Cosmetics is one of the fastest growing mineral make-up companies in the world – and that’s no fluke. The company’s founder, David Oren, is a key player in the manufacturing of natural cosmetics and has been in the industry since 2000. Having noticed the rising demand for natural and organic products and witnessed, first-hand, the very real difference and benefits of natural ingredients, Bellápierre was born.

Bellápierre produce and manufacture their own products, which is important because it allows them to be more reactive in their product line and respond to market trends; all of which is fantastic news for us customers, as the range is so exhaustive and inclusive for all skin types and tones!

If you’ve yet to try mineral make-up yet, now is the perfect time to give it a go. Mineral based make-up is not only completely free from fillers and other nasties, it is also long-wearing and hypoallergenic. Practically speaking, mineral make-up is lighter in texture so it suits the warmer months when you want something more natural looking but also very polished. Mineral make-up gives you precisely that.

Plus, with Bellápierre, their main aim is to make products that look subtle but, at the same time, make the skin glow with a natural vibrancy – they focus their entire product line on helping flatter your complexion through a youthful and healthy looking glow.

The purity of Bellápierre Cosmetics means that even the sheerest of applications goes on smoothly and without clumping, creasing, flaking or fading – it’s like your favourite smart phone filter all the time!

As if the quality of these products wasn’t enough, Bellápierre Cosmetics retail at around £20 for a lipstick, £10.00 for a gloss, £30 for a foundation or powder and £12.99 for a brow powder – they are brilliant value for money and the range includes contour kits, waterproof eye liner and a huge selection of palettes. Our favourites so far have got to be the Mineral Lipstick and Mineral Bronzer Highlighter – the finish that you get from both products is up there with the very best in the make-up industry and they are a pleasure to use.

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