TikTokers say this fragrance gets them the most compliments

Perfume is highly subjective and we’re all drawn to different scents and notes depending on how they make us feel. But there is one perfume that has recently gone viral on TikTok, suggesting that there may just be a universally-loved perfume after all.

Taking to TikTok, @bitcoin_papi posted a video describing two separate instances where her perfume has captured the attention of potential love interests – and even passers by.


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The perfume? Glossier You.

Walking down the street at night, she first describes a moment that has just taken place, whereby a stranger has stopped her in the street to ask her what perfume she was wearing.

‘It’s the same scent I was wearing when a guy I went on two dates with wrote a poem about how good his pillow smelled after I left,’ she said, before revealing that the perfume making everyone go crazy is the Glossier You perfume.

‘I’ve worn it so many times and it will make everyone you pass be attracted to you,’ she said.

glossier you perfume

Glossier You, £49, Glossier

Since posting the video it has now been watched over 10 million times, with Glossier confirming that it caused a nearly 50 per cent increase in sales of the Glossier You perfume within 24 hours of the video’s posting.

The perfume has been a firm favourite of Glossier fans since its introduction in 2017. Never overpowering, the warm and creamy scent is made up of mainly base notes – woody and sweet Ambrette and Ambrox – which means it lasts longer on the skin. Balanced with top notes of fresh iris and sparkling pink pepper, it’s marketed as the ‘ultimate personal fragrance’ as ‘you’re the final ingredient’, meaning it smells slightly different on everyone.

glossier you solid perfume

Glossier You Solid, £24, Glossier

Indeed, this writer can confirm it is a compliment-attracting scent – I mix up my perfumes a lot but the Glossier You perfume is the one that consistently gets the most comments.

And, unlike many designer perfumes, it’s just £49 for a £50 bottle of the eau de parfum and £24 for the refillable solid version (refills for which are just £14).