Glossier’s new product is one of its most long-awaited and requested

Glossier has a legion of fans who wait on their every move, and when considering their direct conversations with consumers, and consistently exciting new launches, that comes as no real surprise. And now the brand are finally bringing out an eye cream; one of their most requested and anticipated product launches ever.

But this is no average eye cream, this is a Glossier eye cream – and that means it’s just that little bit different, and that little bit special. Because the brand’s new launch, ‘Bubblewrap,’ isn’t just designed for use on the eye area, it’s also suitable for lips.

Glossier bubblewrap

Glossier Bubblewrap, £23,

Confused? Well, Glossier have cleverly acknowledged a little-known beauty fact with their new addition: the skin around the eyes and lips is actually very similar, hence why it makes sense to treat it similarly.

‘Why treat the eye and lip areas similarly? Because both are much more delicate than the rest of your face and deserve special care, with the most important being hydration,’ Glossier said.

The formula itself contains nine active complexes including Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid and Blueberry Fruit Extract, all of which are designed to boost hydration levels and plump the skin. The product has a lightweight formula, suitable for the delicate eye and lip areas, and absorbs quickly, without sitting uncomfortably on the skin.

Bubblewrap promises to leave the lips looking and feeling plumped, and the eye area smoothed and hydrated. Glossier also explain that the product continuously works to improve the overall condition of skin as time goes on and wear continues.

Glossier are proud to point out that the launch of this new product was heavily influenced by their loyal customer base, who have been requesting an eye cream for years.

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‘Glossier were inspired by their community, who have been consistently asking for an eye cream, and by the trusty industry hack of applying eye cream to the lips,’ the brand explained.

Glossier Bubblewrap launches today. You can buy it from