This is what your gin and tonic of choice says about you

What’s your idea of the perfect gin and tonic? Dry, spiced, fruity, floral? Whether it’s ice or no ice, citrus or herb, your favourite G&T can reveal a lot about your taste buds, and, according to experts, your personality.

Taste preferences can be instilled in childhood or developed as we age, but our personal preference of salty, sweet, sour or bitter can be very telling when it comes to the kind of person we are, or what we’re feeling at the time.

With this in mind, Didsbury Gin have used recent research in the connection between flavour and identity and put together the ultimate guide to what your chosen G&T combo says about you.

You might just be surprised…

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Spiced gin with cardamom and classic tonic

A fan of spiced gin is more likely to be a risk taker, and usually enjoys seeking the high’ of thrilling sensations and new experiences, like scary fairground rides or toe-curling horror films. While lovers of spice are adventurous, this is not always to the extreme, they could simply be more easygoing, or willing to try new things.

Citrus gin with grapefruit and aromatic tonic

Those that enjoy the bitter taste of a citrus gin and aromatic tonic can be seen to be more likely to have anti-social personality traits, such as being manipulative, callous, or insensitive, or even show psychopathic traits. But it’s not all bad news, those who like bitter drinks are also more likely to be the friend that speaks their mind, and more likely to be smart, assertive, and cool under pressure – which naturally makes them strong leaders in the business world.

Flavoured gin with strawberries and light tonic

A sweet G&T drinker is more likely to be agreeable and help others in need, with no expectation of reward. But while G&Ts are often chosen by those with a more mature alcohol pallette, anything overly juicy or sugary is a sign of immaturity. It’s girly but there’s nothing wrong with that! Sweet gin drinkers are known to flirty, eccentric and have the most entertaining stories to tell. You’re open minded and live life to the fullest.

Dry gin with fresh lime served with lemon tonic

Sour or tangy G&Ts could suggest the drinker can be critical and harsh on those around them, but careful citrus lovers, or those who enjoy tangy flavors, always think before they act, according to research. They have a realistic outlook on life, and appreciate comfort and security. People seek out sour foods when they’re on-edge, restless, or anxious.

Herb based gin with rosemary, mediterranean tonic and sea salt rimmed glass

Those who prefer salty flavours like immediate reward, are more likely to be competitive, fast paced and get frustrated at daily hassles like traffic queues. People who love salty tastes tend to like to go with the flow, but still get frustrated with life’s little annoyances such as not being able to get a spot out on their clothing, or getting stuck in traffic. While they’re competitive and ambitious, they still believe in destiny and enjoy rewards in both business and pleasure.

London dry gin and elderflower tonic, with pink peppercorns

Creative yet practical. This drinker has got a sensible head on their shoulders, the friend that has dabbled in every obscure hobby under the sun and knows exactly what to do in any crisis. These gin drinkers are creative but still have their feet on the ground. They’re the friend that’ll be fashionably late to the party but will never forget to bring a bottle of booze to share!

Orange based gin served with orange peel and classic tonic

Citrus smells can have a calming influence. Those who are more anxious may just be drawn to the refreshing and calming nature of citrus, but as citrus is believed to help boost your immunity, a craving for citrus could stem from subconscious worries about your health, even if you’re not feeling sick.