You could get paid £150 an hour to test luxury skincare

There’s clearly been a boom in skincare since the pandemic started, and while we love doing our skincare routines and feeling like well-accomplished women in the process, it can knock you back financially if you’re keen to try the best and latest beauty products.

But now, an opportunity has arisen in which you could get paid to test luxury skincare. Dream job or what? Online skincare retailer Face the Future is launching a ‘skinclusive skincare panel’, where they want people with a range of skin types and concerns to join.

woman looking at skincare in bathroom
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Don’t worry, you don’t need to have typically ‘good’ skin either. Anyone and everyone is welcome to apply, and those who make the cut will be paid in exchange for feedback on a carefully curated collection of luxury skincare products.

The products are chosen for them by a Face the Future skincare expert, so the insights will be used to help the retailer create skincare kits for a variety of skin types. Five people will be picked to speak to the experts periodically over three months.

So what about the other perks? Successful candidates will be paid £150 per hour. One hour of work a month is required, which takes the total pay to £450. Plus, the job is remote and there’s flexible working too, so it’s a great way to earn some money if you don’t suit the 9-5 office lifestyle.

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Kimberley Hulme, head of clinic at Face the Future, says: ‘Everyone has their own personal challenges with their skin, whether it be dryness, acne or congestion. Using our unique consultation service, this opportunity will help people to correctly identify their skin type, giving the skincare testers the building blocks for creating a skincare routine that works how they want it to.

‘With the likes of TikTok and Instagram trends becoming the foundation for people’s skincare regimes, it’s more important than ever to understand that our skin is truly unique and what works for some may not work for others.

‘That’s why we are really excited to work with an inclusive group of five skincare testers to educate and help them work towards their skincare goals.’

Interested in the opportunity? Apply here before midnight on 12 June.