This genius hack will help you get the most out of your face mask

Keeping up with the latest skincare and beauty regimes can get both expensive and exhausting. That’s why we love it when we discover new, easy and cost-friendly ways that get us one step closer to achieving the glowing radiant skin we all so desperately long for.

Luckily, beauty editors and bloggers alike have let us in on yet another genius skincare hack and this time, you won’t even need to reach for your purse.

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For those of us who aren’t made of money, at-home spa treatments have been a saving grace for our skin. And while some products are obviously better than others, a lot of the results can come down to how and when you apply them – especially when it comes to face masks.

According to the Mail Online, beauty bloggers and editors all swear by one particular hack that helps you get as many benefits out of your face mask as possible: applying it before taking a warm shower.

We know, it sounds fairly simple. But according to the experts, applying your face mask before entering the shower and wearing it during allows it to be better absorbed by your skin as the steam from the shower opens up your pores, leaving your skin super refreshed and hydrated. To get an even better effect,  it is recommended to start with a double cleanse, followed by an exfoliation before applying the mask. Oh, and make sure all of your windows are closed when you’re in the warm shower to maximise the steam. That way, your results are said to be pretty similar to those found after visiting a spa for a steam and deep clean treatment, Mail Online reports – except your bank balance won’t be dealing with the same repercussions.

For those who want to go all out, the site also suggests hanging eucalyptus leaves from the head of your shower. This allows essential oils to be released from the greenery and lets you soak up some extra health benefits such as fighting stress and brain fog. As strange as it might sound to have tree branches hanging off your shower, it has quickly become a trend among skincare enthusiasts, with Pinterest reporting that searches are up by 317 per cent.

Not that we’re surprised. It’s all in the name of a healthy glow – and what wouldn’t we do for that?