Missed birthday celebrations? You could dine for free at Gaucho

Over the past 12 months, we have all experienced a ‘lockdown birthday‘ to varying degrees. For those that were forced to celebrate in the early weeks of lockdown, an hour of exercise was all that was permitted making it difficult to celebrate in ways that we were all used to.


Feel you’ve missed out on birthday celebrations, whether that be your own or a loved one then? You might be interested in Gaucho and M restaurant’s celebratory ‘Lost Year’ offer that sees the Argentine steakhouse and grill restaurant offering customers the chance to dine with discounts of up to 100 per cent off their meal.

That’s right, from 17 May, anyone who has had a birthday during the last year of lockdown, can celebrate at Gaucho and M restaurants with a discount on their meal relative to their birthday decade.

For example, if you are in your twenties you will be entitled to 20 per cent off. In your forties? That’s 40 per cent off for you. And it doesn’t stop there, if you missed you turned 100 years old over the past year, you will get 100 per cent off your meal!

CEO of Gaucho and M restaurants, Martin Williams, said: ‘Nearly everyone has missed a birthday celebration in the past year and certainly everyone has missed their family and friends. At Gaucho and M restaurants we are passionate that we ensure our restaurants are havens of hospitality that allow our guests to safely celebrate with loved ones. Hence we are looking forward to welcoming lots of (so far uncelebrated) special lunches and dinners in the coming months, with an added incentive (particularly for 90-year-olds).’ 

The only catch? The discount is only available to use from Monday to Wednesday, must be redeemed between 17 May and 29 July and applies only to food and for up to six guests.
With Gaucho and M restaurants across the UK, however, there is a good chance you’ll find one near you with availability.
The M and Gaucho Lost Year offer is bookable for 17 May onwards here