Ganni has unveiled a new clothing rental service for customers

The problem of fast fashion and excess waste is taking its toll on our planet, and it seems as though certain brands are finally beginning to take notice and make a change. One such brand is Ganni, who have cleverly introduced a clothing rental service that will allow customers to rent their pieces rather than just buying them.

Ganni Repeat will allow fans of the brand who want to support sustainability, or who simply cannot afford to buy one the brand’s pieces, to rent clothing for a period of time between one and three weeks. The customer will have the option to rent ‘on repeat’ or to just buy the piece outright at the end of their rental period.

The move was announced on Ganni’s Instagram page, with a bold image emblazoned with the campaign line: Rent, Rethink, Reduce.

‘We’re on a mission to become circular & increase the lifecycle of our clothes wherever we can,’ the post read. ‘Rethink the way you refresh your wardrobe, rent on repeat.’

They also noted that they would be carbon compensating for the C02 emissions generated from any rental deliveries.

Unfortunately for UK fans of the brand, Ganni Repeat will only be available over in Denmark for the time being, while it undergoes a testing period. Ganni promised they would be rolling it out to other customer bases if all goes to plan, however, so it surely won’t be long until it comes here.

Although clothing rental services have yet to hit the mainstream in a big way, Ganni is not the first brand to dabble in renting. High street brands including Urban Outfitters have trialed renting services, and H&M have expressed interest in doing so in the future.

There are also a number of subscription services that require monthly payment for unlimited rentals, such as Girl Meets Dress.