Galaxy Truffles are coming back to a supermarket near you

If you’re a fan of Celebrations, one of the greatest heartbreaks of your life was probably the removal of the Galaxy Truffle from the iconic tub. The truffle was taken out of circulation back in 2011 and replaced by Twix, leaving chocolate lovers across the nation bereft as the disappearance of their favourite melt-in-the-mouth miniature.

In fact, the loss was felt so deeply that a petition was started last year to get the Galaxy Truffle’s rightful place in the box reinstated, receiving more than a thousand signatures and hundreds of comments from people demanding its safe return.

Galaxy Truffles
The original Galaxy Truffle as part of the Celebrations mix. Image: Alamy Stock Photo

Well, we imagine today will be a very happy day for everyone who added their name to the list, because the Galaxy Truffle has been reinvented for 2019, and is coming back to the shelves in a supermarket near you. But before you rush out to buy a selection box, there are a few changes you should know about.

Firstly, the truffles are not being added back into the Celebrations mix (as far as we know), but rather can now be purchased in their own separate luxe-looking container. Secondly, they’ve been given quite the makeover, with Instagrammable pink and blue packaging replacing the traditional brown design.

Galaxy Truffles

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Sarah Mellor, Galaxy Brand Director said of the new release: ‘We are extremely excited to be launching Galaxy Truffles in the UK this year and to be entering the all year-round gifting market for the first time as a brand.

‘For so many, Galaxy Truffles were part of a much-loved festive tradition and we are thrilled to be answering the undeniable demand, reinventing this favourite, now available all year round, as the perfect gift to bring pleasure to the next generation of Galaxy fans.’

Galaxy Truffles, £5, Tesco

The brand says the new look is designed to give Galaxy Truffles a premium feel ‘that’s special enough to give’, and to be fair, whether it’s a birthday, Christmas or any other celebration (sorry), we don’t know anyone who wouldn’t be delighted to receive them.

Thrilled at the Galaxy Truffle’s comeback? There’s no need to wait, as they’re in stores now, priced at £5 for a 206g box. And from mid-September, you’ll also be able to buy a 329g box (RRP £7.49) exclusively at Tesco stores – just in case the standard size isn’t enough!