Shaped candles are set to be a Christmas shopping trend – these are some we love

When it comes to Christmas shopping, it can be tricky to know what to get for those people who are close enough to buy a present for, but too distant to know them all that well. That’s where gifts such as bath and body products, food treats and candles come in – they’re the perfect gesture for people who are difficult to buy for. But this year, we’re not talking about your classic candle in a glass jar – oh no, the latest trends make art out of candles, ultimately resulting in shaped candles far too pretty to ever be lit.

According to research by Packaging Online, shaped candles have seen a 1,292 per cent change in demand year on year and ‘are set to be the biggest Christmas present’ for 2021.

Given we’ve spent so much extra time at home for the past year and a bit, it’s no surprise we’ve redirected some of our expendable income from clothes and shoes to homeware. Sales of tapered candlesticks rose by 105 per cent at in February 2021 compared to the same time last year.

But it’s not just candlesticks – the latest candle trends are fun and whimsical: think cloud candles, twisted candles and candles of all shapes, sizes and forms. With nowhere to go, fashion influencers are just as likely to snap and post a picture of their coffee table (complete with artsy candles) these days as they are their outfit.

Pillar candles and tea lights were also popular at John Lewis earlier this year, with sales up 110 per cent, while total searches for ‘candles’ were up 83 per cent year on year.

If you’ve been having a go at tablescaping (making your dinner table, coffee table or even bedside table look as aesthetically pleasing as possible), or like the idea of gifting someone a fun candle this Christmas, you’re going to want to add these to your online basket ASAP.

9 brands serving up the latest trends and shaped candles

Lex Pott

Lex Pott shaped candles

Lex Pott Twist Candy-Cane Candle, £34, Anthropologie

Lex Pott’s twisty candles put a whole new meaning on ‘burning the candle at both ends’. Available in rainbow of stylish colours and seen in the home of influencer Lucy Williams.

Wax Atelier

twisty candle
Wax Atelier

Twisted Candle, £13.50, Wax Atelier

When lit, this chic twisted beeswax candle releases the gentle aroma of matcha tea and honey.

Ellis Home Studios

shell candle
Ellis Home Studios

The Sandalwood & Vanilla Shell, £20, Ellis Home Studios

Bring the beach vibes to you with Ellis Home Studios’s shell-shaped scented candles – also available in lime green, bubblegum pink and orange.


Bable candle

Coral Magnolia, £20, Bable

London-based Bable’s hand-painted tapered candlesticks have been spotted all over social media. Currently all sold out, but a restock is planned 28 February – mark your calendars.


pillar candle

Soleil – Tequila Sunrise, £14, MAZA

If you can’t decide whether you love MAZA’s multicolour dip-dyed pillar or tapered dinner candles more, you’ve time to decide as a full restock of the site is coming soon.

Orla Kiely

Oral Kiely snail candle

Orla Kiely Home Snail Moulded Candle, £19.50 (was £26), Ocado

Homeware design stalwart Orla Kiely’s familiar whimsical snail design is brought to waxy life in this rose, geranium and eucalyptus scented moulded candle.

The Waxness

The Waxness shaped candles

The Leafy Strawberry Candle – Set of 2, £7.50, Glassette

The Waxness creates candles in shapes you didn’t even know were possible, like these amazing strawberries or sweet flower pots.

Bzzwax & Co

Bzzwax shaped candles

Unicorn, £22, Bzzwax & Co

This company creates high quality, sustainable beeswax candles and for every Bzzwax candle lit, one pollinates an acre of flowers to provide fertile habitat for bees.

By Otter

By Otter candles

The Rickrack Hand-Painted Dinner Candle Set, £35, By Otter

By Otter has a lovely range of painted candle sticks in bright colours and designs – sure to instantly brighten up a room.