An official Friends cookbook is on the way (and yes, Rachel’s trifle recipe is in there)

While the hit 90s TV show has been a great companion and lifesaver for many solo isolators throughout lockdown, it’s time to take your six best pals into the kitchen with the official Friends cookbook.

If you’re the kind of Friends fan who can quote the entire series line for line, got way too excited when Netflix started streaming the show and you know all the behind the scenes trivia, then this is the book for you.

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Arriving a full 26 years after the first ever episode aired on TV screens and dubbed Friends: The Official Cookbook, it’s the ultimate foodie celebration of one of the world’s most beloved television series of all time. Could we be anymore intrigued?

Friends cookbook

Friends: The Official Cookbook, £20.84, Amazon

While the sitcom doesn’t centre around food (unlike Joey’s world), there’s no denying there are some truly iconic foodie moments throughout the show’s ten seasons – one of the main characters is a chef, after all. From Monica’s first Thanksgiving feast to Ross’s moist maker sandwich and ‘Joey doesn’t share food!’, this inventive cookbook celebrates all of the most (and the less so) memorable scenes where food took centre stage.

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Within the pages you can expect to find more than 70 recipes that span appetisers, main courses, drinks and desserts – and yes, Rachel’s beef trifle is, for better or worse, in there. Other recipes within the book include Monica’s Friendsgiving Feast, Just for Joey Fries, Chandler’s ‘Milk You Can Chew’, Phoebe’s Grandmother’s Cookies, and of course, The Moist Maker.

With the book set to be released on 22 September, for now we’re left to speculate as to what other recipes could have made the cut – a meatball sub, à la Joey’s favourite lunchtime treat? A birthday flan just like the one Monica made for Rachel? Or maybe Monica’s dozen lasagnes? We’ll just have to put in our pre-order and find out.