French Spritz: The trendy new cocktail replacing Aperol this summer

Aperol Spritz has been the reigning summer cocktail for as long as we can remember. As soon as the sun’s out and alfresco dining is officially a go, you’re guaranteed to see tables filled with the deliciously bright orange Italian punch.

However, it looks like the rules are changing for summer 2019 as a brand new tipple is here to overthrow our beloved Aperol. Introducing: the French Spritz.

French Spritz
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Yes, we know. The sophisticated name itself already has us sold, but just wait until you hear what the fashionable new drink is made with.

Like a traditional Aperol Spritz, the ingredients are versatile, meaning everyone can add their own twist to it. That being said, the key components you will need are elderflower-flavoured St Germain, champagne or another dry sparkling wine, sparkling water and of course, the all-important garnish, which in this case is a lemon twist.

Author of Drink French Fluently, Camille Vidal, broke down her favoured method for achieving the perfect French Spritz for Stylist, saying: ‘You can spritz your drink with dry white wine, rosé, or any variant of sparkling wine to match the mood, season or food choice.’

She adds: ‘It’s preferable to revamp garnishes with the season. Use whatever you might find at the farmers’ market to dress up a batch of spritzes’ – although in our case, the local supermarket might be a lot easier to pop to.

One cocktail enthusiast on Instagram has even demonstrated a step-by-tep guide on how to make your own French Spritz at home, writing in a post: ‘Add all ingredients, except crémant [or champagne or wine], to a shaker tin. Slowly pour crémant into glass by eye (or using a digital scale, if you’re fancy).

They say to add ice cubes, taking care not to agitate the wine too much (‘Save those bubbles!’) and to quickly whip-shake other ingredients with a small amount of pebble or crushed ice.

‘Double strain gently into glass. Garnish, and enjoy with friends.’

We might just give it a go!