Furloughed and unemployed workers can get a free Headspace subscription

It’s no surprise that the pandemic and lockdown have brought massive changes to all of our lives – from the way we shop and socialise to how we work and spend our free time, we’ve all taken a hit in one way or another. Unfortunately, many people have found themselves furloughed for weeks on end or worse, made redundant, because of the pandemic, which has added another layer of financial stress for so many.

Although the government’s furlough scheme has been paying furloughed employees 80 per cent of their salary (up to a cap of £2,500 a month), this has still left lots of families with less than a desirable amount to survive on. With the scheme due to end in October, a recent survey has revealed over half of UK businesses are set to lay off staff within 3 months of the scheme ending, leaving even more people heading towards a future of unemployment.

 free Headspace subscription
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Unsurprisingly, all of this (on top of our existing coronavirus worries) can take a huge toll on mental health. Which is why Headspace, the mindfulness and mediation app, is offering furloughed and unemployed workers a year’s free subscription.

While meditation and mindfulness can’t change anyone’s real life circumstances, Headspace  co-founder Andy Puddicombe hopes the platform can ‘help to provide essential tools for managing stress at this difficult time.’

For any furloughed or unemployed workers struggling with pandemic-induced stress or anxiety, this should be music to your ears. A Headspace subscription normally costs £49.99 a year or £9.99 a month, so a totally free Headspace subscription is an excellent deal.

With a subscription, you have access to over 1,200 hours of guided mindfulness and meditation content, including courses on everything from stress to relationships and more, relaxing sleepcasts to help you nod off and at-home workouts and guided runs led by expert trainers.

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If you qualify for Headspace’s offer and feel like you could do with a mindfulness boost, sign up here to get your free year’s subscription. Even if you don’t qualify, new sign-ups can enjoy a free two-week trial period. Zen mindset, here we come.