Nutritionist reveals how to make salads that are actually filling

As the old adage says, no great story ever began with a salad – but we think whoever came up with it maybe just never had a great salad. When you know which ingredients to include, you can come up with creative, delicious salads that are actually filling – as nutritionist Dr Rachel Paul’s Instagram post proves.

Rachel, a registered dietician who goes by the name College Nutritionist on the social media site, posted two side by side pictures of salad bowls – one with minimal, non-starchy ingredients, and another loaded with goodness including protein and fats.

‘Do yourself a favor & fill up your meals with filling fat and protein! This way, your blood sugar will be stabilized, and you’ll actually stay full for the next few hours,’ she started her post.

‘I generally follow my easy “formula” for lunch & dinner:
2+ cups veggies
100-200 calories of fats
150 calories of protein
And add a starch if you want’

Her 588k followers were quick to praise her combination of fats and proteins. One fan said: ‘I tried it! Protein with every meal and l can’t believe the energy l have. l feel so much better. Thank you!’

Another follower wrote: ‘Absolutely love eating the second option for lunch and you’re right it’s so filling and so much more delicious.’

It’s not the first time Rachel has explained how to pack flavour and filling ingredients into your usual salad recipe – previously, she shared a snap of another two bowls to demonstrate how certain salads would only keep you full ‘for minutes.’

‘LUNCH should be FILLING too!’ she said. ‘It’s no good to eat an unsatisfying lunch… only to get hungry soon after & not be able to concentrate on work or school! Fill your salad with good protein and fats – and use those non-starchy veggies to add a lot of VOLUME??’.

On her account, she also offers advice about healthy snacking, such as adding protein to smaller snacks like fruit to stay satisfied for longer.

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