This is why you shouldn’t actually store cucumbers in the fridge

‘To refrigerate or not to refrigerate, that is the question,’ asked Holly on an episode of This Morning this week. And it’s a big question indeed, as people have debated over where to store certain food items at home for decades.

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However, there are certain foods that we all agree should be stored in the fridge, one such being cucumber. No one wants warm cucumber in their sandwiches, but according to the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, cucumbers can experience ‘cold injury’ when stored below 10 degrees Celsius for more than three days, causing them to decay faster and develop wateriness and pitting, and should in fact be kept in the cupboard.

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This is also true of tomatoes – perfectly ripe toms should be kept at room temperature, with only overripe ones going in the fridge to extend their life by up to three more days.

This life-altering cucumber news was delivered during a segment on This Morning this week, during which a number of other food-storing myths were busted, leaving Holly and Phil gobsmacked. It turns out that citrus fruits, such as lemons and limes, should be kept in the fridge to make them last longer (a revelation that led Holly to exclaim: ‘Hang on a second, my fruit bowl’s gonna have cucumbers sticking out of it and my lemons are gonna be in the fridge? The world’s gone mad!’) and that eggs should be kept in the fridge, despite being sold on the shelf in supermarkets.

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This Morning consumer expert Alice Beer went on to reveal that bread should absolutely not be stored in the fridge (not so much of a revelation) but also that, surprisingly, the worst place to store bread is a traditional metal bread bin and in fact the best way to store it is in a cloth bag.

Butter should apparently also be stored outside the fridge, while nuts should go in the fridge to keep them fresh for up to 6 months. She rounded up by confirming that tomato ketchup should go in the cupboard, but transferred to the fridge once opened and that chocolate should go in a ‘dark place’ – a fact that Cadbury recently backed up.

Mind. Blown.