Grilled cheese toastie with chorizo, recipe from The Cheese Bar

London food truck The Cheese Truck are best known for taking the humble toastie and giving it an upgrade – after all, why use cheddar when you could blend stilton, bacon and pear? Now crowds are flocking to their newly-opened premises The Cheese Bar in Camden’s Stable Market where – you guessed it – everything on the menu is cheese-tastic.

From the sumptuous truffled Baron Bigod served with pickled walnuts to the Young Buck Raclette (potatoes, salf beef, blue cheese) it’s the stuff dreams are made of – especially if you can fit in a ricotta cheesecake or a scoop of blue cheese icecream too. And there’s a special focus on the best of British-made cheeses, too: don’t miss the West London burrata, or the Peckham Queso Chiuhauhua, a traditional Mexican cheese made in a South London railway arch.

To make the ultimate guilty pleasure at home, founder Matthew Carver has rustled up a recipe that’s ‘always popular’ with the crowds.


Queso Chiuhuahua Cheese, Chorizo and Rocket Grilled Cheese.



2 slices of sourdough bread

2 x cooking chorizo

120g x Queso Chihuahua cheese (we use one made by Gringa Dairy in Peckham)

20g of rocket





First cook off the chorizo in a small pan – this will take about 20 minutes – then set aside.


Melt some butter and generously brush it over the outside of both slices of bread.


Assemble the sandwich by slicing the chorizo in half long ways, slicing the Queso Chihuahua and layering them up.


Finish by adding the rocket and a good sprinkle of tabasco.


Finally, cook the sandwich. The best way to cook a grilled cheese at home is in a skillet or a heavy-based frying pan: cook it low and slow to ensure you get the best crispy crunch on the outside and the cheese melts perfectly.


Place the sandwich buttered side down in a skillet or pan on a low to medium heat. Keep applying pressure or weight to top of the sandwich while it’s cooking. This squishes all the filling together, helping the cheese to melt. After about four minutes flip the sandwich and cook on the other side.


When both sides are golden brown and the cheese is oozing out – you’re done!


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