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Food: A Christmas cocktail


Why not give this festive twist on a fruity cocktail a try this Christmas? 


Made with Chandon sparkling wine, The Jenson – named for the F1 racing driver sponsored by Chandon – is a luscious berry cocktail with eye-catching red hues, and makes a wonderful welcoming Yule party drink.


A Christmas Cocktail



The Jenson

15ml Blackberry Cordial

15ml Camomille Vodka

85ml Chandon Brut




Blackberry Cordial: Take 300g blackberries and add 200g caster sugar, 100ml water and 50ml of lemon juice. Gently heat until sugar dissolved. Once cooled, strain through a tea strainer until all bits are removed and you have a clear liquid.


Chamomile Belvedere: Combine one bottle of Belvedere Vodka (700ml) and 20g of chamomile flowers, After 20 minutes, strain out the flowers and rebottle. The vodka should have a fine straw golden colour.




1 Stir down first two ingredients in a cocktail tin over cubed ice until chilled


2 Strain in to a coupette glass and top with Chandon Brut.


3 Garnish with bay leaf and a blackberry


By Miranda Thompson