Can-do classics make a revival!

By Annie Bell

Instant strawberry trifles



1) Hull 700g strawberries


2) Purée half the berries with 50g icing sugar and a generous squeeze of lemon juice in a liquidiser and press through a sieve into a large bowl


3) Thinly slice and stir in the remaining berries. In another large bowl, using an electric whisk, whip 200ml whipping cream with 1 tsp vanilla extract and 25g icing sugar until it forms soft fluffy peaks. Add 200g mascarpone and combine


4) Crumble or thinly slice 3 trifle sponges


5) Layer half the sponge in 6 x 200ml glasses. Spoon over 2 tablespoons of the strawberry mixture per trifle then a rounded tablespoon of the cream


6) Repeat the layers, finishing with the cream


7) Top each with crumbled or whole soft amaretti and chill until required


8) Eat on the day of making


Super-easy strawberry ice



1) At least a day before you want to make the ice cream, hull 400g strawberries, slice them thinly and spread them out in a single layer on sheets of nonstick baking paper. Stack these in a plastic container, then seal and freeze


2) When ready to serve, peel the strawberries off the paper (you can use a table knife to help)


3) Whiz in a food processor with 200g extra-thick double cream and 100g icing sugar for a few minutes, breaking up any frozen lumps that form until you have a smooth soft ice cream


4) Drop a large scoop or spoonful of this in the centre of 6 bought meringue nests and, if wished, drizzle a little bought mango sauce over and decorate with fresh strawberries


Cheat’s strawberry flan


1 x 23cm good-quality bought sponge flan case

1 level tbsp caster sugar

1 tbsp amaretto or fruit liqueur

150g seedless strawberry jam

squeeze of lemon juice

300ml whipping cream

400g strawberries hulled and quartered

icing sugar for dusting


1)  Place the flan case on a serving plate. Pour a tablespoon of boiling water over the caster sugar in a small bowl, stir to dissolve, then add the amaretto


2) Brush the mixture over the base of the flan case within the rim, using a pastry brush


3) Blend the jam with the lemon juice to loosen it, and spread this in the base of the flan


4) Whip the cream until it forms soft, fluffy peaks using an electric whisk and smooth on top of the jam, swirling the surface using a teaspoon


5) Pile the berries on top, cover and chill for up to a day. Dust with icing sugar just before serving