Meghan Markle just had a royal flower named after her

The Royal Horticultural Society has honoured the Duchess of Sussex by naming a beautiful flower after her.

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The special flower, now known officially as the ‘clematis Meghan’ is a purple clematis flower with hints of pink that blooms just twice a year – the first time being between late spring and early summer, which is when Meghan tied the knot with husband Prince Harry last year (and the second being autumn).

flowers named after royals meghan
RHS Plants

Clematis Meghan, £17.99, RHS Plants

On its website, The Royal Horticultural Society describes the clematis Meghan, writing: ‘Named after the most recent addition to the royal family (and Prince Harry’s bride), ‘Meghan’ is an exquisite new large-flowering clematis that will usually offer two flowering seasons each year – the first being the most prolific in late spring or early summer (around the time of their wedding), but then again in early autumn.

‘The flowers are a rich and opulent magenta-purple, so they will really make an impact when planted in borders or larger pots.’

flowers named after royals Kate
RHS Plants

Clematis Princess Kate, £19.99, RHS Plants

Meghan isn’t the only royal to be honoured with a flower named after her by The Royal Horticultural Society. Her sister-in-law, the Duchess of Cambridge, also has a clematis named after her – though Kate’s flower is white and pastel purple, making it just as understated as her personal style.

flowers named after royals Elizabeth
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Rosa The Queen Elizabeth, £19.99, RHS Plants

Queen Elizabeth also has a beautiful pink rose named for her, while Prince William and Kate’s youngest Prince Louis also has a purple clematis of his own named after him. The couple’s daughter, Princess Charlotte, on the other hand was honoured by Dutch flower company Deliflor, who named a pink flower after her ahead of her first birthday.

flowers named after royals DianaClematis Princess Diana, £19.99, RHS Plants

However, William and Harry’s mother Princess Diana has also been honoured by  The Royal Horticultural Society – once when a hot pink clematis was named after her, and again after her death when a beautiful pink and white dahlia was named in her memory.