The most popular floral-inspired baby names revealed

It’s always fascinating to explore baby name trends, looking at how certain names ebb and flow, and the factors from fashion to film that influence people’s choices.

Floral baby names have always been popular, particularly for girls, although they seem to be having an especially good innings in the past couple of years – you can barely walk past a playground without hearing Poppy, Lily or Rose being called for by their parents.

floral baby names

With this in mind, Interflora has set out to highlight the which are the most popular, using data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS). Here are the results…

The 10 most popular floral baby girls’ names

  1. Ivy 

Ivy has been crowned the most popular floral baby name – in 2020, when it first entered the top 10 list of baby girls’ names overall, there was a total of 2,166 babies born with the name Ivy.

2. Lily 

Lily has been a popular floral baby name for some time now, ranking in the top two most popular floral baby names for the last decade.

3. Rosie

Rosie is another floral baby name that enjoys continual popularity. Looking back through data from 2015 to 2020, Rosie has consistently remained in the top 50 most popular baby girl names overall.

4. Willow 

Taking fourth place is Willow. This floral baby name has consistently been in the top five (for most popular floral baby names) since 2015.

5. Poppy 

Next is Poppy, which has been in and out of the top 10 most popular baby girls’ names overall since 2010.

6. Daisy 

The name Daisy is girl’s name of English origin meaning ‘day’s eye’. It comes in at sixth place.

7. Rose 

Rose, the shortened version of Rosie has proven to be slightly less popular among expectant parents, but was still used 803 times in the year 2020.

8. Delilah 

Delilah has made its entrance into the top 100 in 2018, and has been climbing the ranking each year since.

9. Iris 

This floral name, which is typically more traditional, made a come back in 2016, entering the top 100 baby names once again. It has continued to grow in popularity ever since its resurgence.

10. Holly 

Closing the top 10 is Holly. This name has seen the most fluctuation in popularity since 2015, dipping in an out of the top 100 overall.

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