Fleur Leussink: ‘I tried to ignore my psychic power’

She’s the medium the A-list turn to for spiritual guidance, yet Fleur Leussink admits that, as a trainee doctor, accepting her abilities wasn’t easy. But the spirit world had other ideas…

Mentioning that I communicate with people who have passed over is always a conversation-stopping confession. I’m forever being told that this is wildly unexpected because I seem surprisingly ‘normal’. Perhaps even more contradictory is that I have been working as a psychic medium for ten years, doing readings for more than 15,000 people, yet I still have a layer of scepticism I can’t shake. I’ve given readings to people from all walks of life, from bereavement groups to A-list celebrities [including singer Lana Del Rey and actress Emma Roberts], but I still wonder: is it real?

Dolly Avenue

As a child I saw the deceased. My great-grandmother Marie regularly appeared with my great-grandfather Harry. When they visited, they would bicker for hours. One day, I told my mum I would like these two people to stop. This got her attention and she asked me for their names. I responded with ‘Marie-che’ and ‘Harry-ke’. These were the nicknames they used for each other: Marie was Marietje. Harry was Harryke. Common Dutch diminutives. Prior to this, not only did I not know their nicknames, but I hadn’t even known their names.

As I got older, the spirit visitations became less frequent. I turned my focus to becoming a doctor, specialising in neuroscience at UCLA in the US. I had not seen, felt or heard anything out of the ordinary in many years, long enough to convince myself I’d imagined it – until I became very sick in my first year of college. My symptoms appeared out of nowhere and doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong. In pure desperation, my father made an appointment for me with a psychic. Without knowing a thing about me, she said, ‘You are a psychic medium. You’re not living your purpose and if you don’t, your body will become very ill and you might die.’

It wasn’t easy to accept her verdict. I was confused, scared, angry – and incredibly sceptical. So I decided to run an experiment: I offered readings for free, to look at psychic and spirit information rationally and analyse the reality of each situation. I did the readings over the phone. People were allowed to answer only ‘yes’ or ‘no’. After a reading, I would listen back to the recording. Each fact I mentioned was given a score. I was surprised to find that I was tallying 80-95 per cent accuracy. For the first time, I thought maybe there was something to my psychic ability.

The thing I could not measure was the impact on people’s lives. Ten years ago, my friend Liz – one of the few who knew I was working on my psychic skills – asked for my help. Her aunt was in a coma in hospital. I was hesitant, but told her I would try. I felt that her aunt had a lot of pain in her left lung – it seemed there were teeth in her lungs! The family were sceptical – her aunt had fallen into a coma due to neglected diabetes, so lung issues made no sense. However, they later learned that when she fell into the coma, she had swallowed her dentures… which had lodged in her left lung.

I have also predicted things such as deaths, financial losses and relationship breakdowns. I now ask before I start a reading if there is anything my clients do not want to know. I learned the hard way in my first year when I did an off-the-cuff reading for a friend, who was madly in love with her new boyfriend. I said, bluntly, ‘You’ll date him for three years then it will be over.’ She didn’t speak to me for three years – at which point she wrote to tell me that they had broken up.

I am often asked if just anyone can do what I do. My reply is that being a psychic medium is a bit like dancing: anyone can learn to dance, but not everyone will be a prima ballerina. Even if you’ve never felt the spirit of a loved one, you are still a naturally intuitive being. I can’t promise you will be able to do readings for strangers, but you can gain more intuitive insights about your life and feel your loved ones on the other side by connecting to your spirit body. Everyone has a unique signal, like your own radio station. The thing sending this out is the spirit body. Everyone, living or dead, has a spirit body and a corresponding signal. When I speak about the spirit body I mean all the parts of you that are not your physical form.

Fleur (above left) with her client and friend, singer Lana Del Rey

From a scientific perspective, you are energy. You experience yourself as solid but each atom in your body holds 0.001 per cent solid matter and the rest – the other 99.999 per cent – is energy, an electromagnetic field. I believe this electromagnetic field can send and receive signals. When you cross over to the other side, the thing crossing is your spirit body. Everyone has a spirit body, so everyone can connect. However, if you are like most people, your mind often rejects an interpretation before intuition can be acknowledged. Your brain makes you aware of the information but, because it seems odd or irrational, you dismiss it only to exclaim later, ‘I knew I shouldn’t have…’ To be aware of psychic information you have to give your spirit body an opportunity to be present. This shift is easy; it is merely an acknowledgement. Spend some time each day closing your eyes and locating the part of you that feels like a spirit body instead of merely a physical form.

Then visualise yourself surrounded by these signals and information. Reimagine a conversation you’ve just had from the perspective of a signal exchange. Next, imagine yourself walking down a busy street with everyone’s spirit bodies and signals around you. Lastly, think of someone who is far away from you. If energy can travel without the limits of time and space, can you visualise your signal extending out towards them?

These practices are the perfect place to begin your journey to using your intuition, your psychic abilities and your ability to communicate with the spirit world.

This is not a cerebral exercise. None of this work can be done solely from the mind. You have to feel yourself as a spirit body first. This will be a foreign experience, because our 21st-century brain is fixated on processing through rational thought rather than feeling. You lose the ability to be intuitive when you prioritise the external feedback of the world over your own inner feedback.

The great news is that your spirit body has been working without your conscious awareness. Bringing conscious attention to the signals you are connecting to daily will give you the opportunity to be a more intuitive person, receive psychic insights and to open up to your loved ones in the spirit world at will.

This is an edited extract from Fleur’s book Moving Beyond (Yellow Kite, £14.99). To order a copy for £12.74 until 15 July, go to mailshop.co.uk/books or call 020 33089192. Free UK delivery on orders over £20. 

How to be your own spirit guide

Tapping into the spirit world is easier than you think, says Fleur Leussink. And anyone can do it…

Start to think about yourself as a spirit body in communication with your environment. To tune into your spirit body, think of three intuitive moments when it ‘spoke up’ (include your childhood) and ask yourself…

  • How did the information show itself? Was it a dream, a feeling, a knowing?
  • Where did you feel it in your body? Be specific
  • How could you recognise the information if it showed up again?
  • For each event, recall what you were doing when you received this information, eg driving, waking up, washing dishes.
  • Take a moment to think about the five most important people in your life. Focus on them and where you sense they appear in your body.
  • Close your eyes and meditate. Think of someone you miss who lives far away. Recall what you feel like in their presence, what you love about them, what you would say to them right now. (If they are connected to their intuition, it’s likely they will reach out in response.)
  • Practise feeling energy fields: close your eyes and have someone hold their hands opposite yours, as though they are about to give a high-five but without touching. Try it with a few people and see if you notice that everyone has a slightly different energy.