My beauty secret weapon

They’re smart, glamorous– and 50-plus. Nine women reveal their simple tips for looking great at any age.

There are some women who never look less than impeccable, no matter their age. It’s not abouta full face of make-up, good genes or expensive treatments. It’s that enigmatic glamour you can’t pinpoint– why does she look so good?

Their secret weapons are simple tips we can all use, and they are more down-to-earth than you might expect…


Ruby Hammer, 60, make-up artist

‘I regularly treat myself to a manicure and pedicure. I work with my hands, so the regular practice of a mani makes me feel groomed, polished and ready for anything. Lots of people neglect their feet in the winter but I love to get pedicures all year round and it means my feet require less maintenance come sandal season. A mani/pedi with my tools, handled by a professional, is the ultimate treat for me. A deep ruby red is my signature polish.’


Liz Earle, 58, beauty entrepreneur

‘Brows and lashes make all the difference. I’m never without a jet-black mascara and I tint my eyebrows using a dark brown moustache dye to hide the greys.’


Bobbi Brown, 64, founder of Jones Road

‘Dyeing my hair is my beauty non-negotiable. I’ve been grey since I was 25, so I colour it every two weeks at a local salon. I wash it almost every day, too, because I exercise. Then I get it blow-dried probably three times a week and I always feel so much better after that. I would love to be able to curl my own hair, though, to get a wave. I just can’t figure it out!’


Janet Ellis, 66, television presenter and author

‘In the novel I’m writing, one of the characters is asked what she never leaves home without. “Lipstick,” she replies. They say you should write what you know– and that’s me right there. Sometimes I don’t even leave a room without a slick of lipstick. Always an orange-pink red, and no particular brand – I’m easily seduced. It is an essential, mood-boosting finishing touch.’


Linda Wright, 73, model

‘I am a no-make-up kind of girl. On the other hand, I am guilty of spending far too much on creams, oils, serums and masks. It boils down to feeling good. If my skin feels healthy and I have a moisturised glow about me, then I’m ready to go. I have consistently moisturised my skin since early adulthood. I may have age spots from the no-sunscreen approach of my youth in the harsh Texas sun, but I’ve warded off the deep wrinkles that come with weather exposure simply by regularly moisturising. The one and only feel-good item that I’ve never swayed from is Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom & Honey Body Crème. It makes me feel my day can’t go wrong as soon as I slather it on.’


Barbara Taylor Bradford OBE, 88, novelist

‘The state of my hair affects my entire psyche. If it is perfect, I am lifted, confident and content. If it just doesn’t look right, I can get quite irritable. Our hair is an instant statement of who we are and how we care about ourselves. I go twice a week to the hairdresser. It has always


Jane Seymour, 70, actress

‘Along with a good moisturiser, my must-have is Clé de PeauBeauté concealer. I’m a long-time fan of the product and using it makes me look less tired, plus it covers the flaws in my complexion.’


Alex Bruni, 64, model

‘I regard regular visits to a hammam – once or twice a month – as essential. It’s deep cleansing and good for the face as well as the entire body. I like going alone for a meditative experience. I scrub myself of all my impurities but I also leave behind my worries and any unpleasantness I might have been experiencing. I come out of there ready to start anew. Sheer bliss!’


Kelly Hoppen, 62, interior designer

‘Taking care of my hair is a priority – it has to feel freshly washed. And getting my nails done every ten days keeps them looking neat. Product-wise, I can’t live without Rodial Diamond Concealer; it’s the perfect base and isn’t too heavy.’