Aldi is no longer the UK’s favourite supermarket

We’ll be the first to admit that Aldi is one of the best supermarkets in the country. Not only does it have an award-winning affordable wine range, it provides us with all the purse-friendly dupes our hearts desire – from its famous take on the Jo Malone candles, to its version of Chanel No.5.

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However, the German supermarket – which was crowned Britain’s favourite in a poll last year – has officially been dethroned by none other than ‘posh’ grocery chain, Waitrose.

In the annual supermarket survey conducted by the consumer group, Which?, 12,000 UK shoppers voted for their favourite supermarket based on a number of attributes including value for money, store appearance and quality of fresh produce.

In the 2018 league table, Aldi claimed the number one spot scoring the highest average on each required attribute. But this year, the number one spot was taken by Waitrose, who topped the list.

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The supermarket was praised for being the only store to score five stars for the availability and helpfulness of its staff. Shoppers also highlighted the pleasantry of low queuing times and the appearance of its stores as a plus.

Waitrose was closely followed by Marks & Spencer, who came second in the supermarket rankings and was commended by Which? for the quality of their fresh produce and own-label items, as well as the winners.

Meanwhile, out of Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Asda, which are considered the UK’s ‘Big Four’ supermarkets, only Morrisons made it into the top five, with Asda falling to last place on the entire league table. And while Aldi may have missed out on the top spot this year, it did rank third place. It also became one of the only in-store supermarkets to score five stars for value for money, alongside fellow German supermarket, Lidl.

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In-store rankings for Britain’s favourite supermarket

1. Waitrose

2. Marks & Spencer

3. Aldi

4. Lidl

5. Morrisons

6. Sainsbury’s

7. Tesco

8. Iceland

9. Asda

Online rankings for Britain’s favourite supermarket

1. Ocado

2. Iceland

3. Waitrose

4. Tesco

5. Morrisons

6. Sainsbury’s

7. Asda