Fashion director Shelly Vella in the green room with Immaculate Vegan

Every week fashion director Shelly Vella (@shellyvella) will be giving a high five to brands who are slowing the pace of fashion down whilst still delivering on beautiful quality and style. This week and on World Earth Day we check out what’s on the shelves at Immaculate Vegan. 

If you’re not vegan don’t stop reading here – this is not an exclusive club but a site that celebrates gorgeous alternatives. No leather, no wool and none of the animal-derived fabrications that vegans eschew, but above all a website I really love for its’ offering of stylish, sustainable independent brands that you won’t find on your high street travels.

Collection And Co Kitty Mule, £90, Immaculate Vegan

Why do I love Immaculate Vegan? Well, quite simply because as a magazine fashion director (and a vegan) I need to look en-pointe for my job. In my quest to find stylish leather alternatives I found myself browsing this ultra-chic site and happened upon the perfect ankle boot – a winter staple for me, it’s been a love affair ever since.

So, what’s the story behind Immaculate Vegan?

The brand was founded by Annick Ireland, who became vegan in 2016 after adopting a greyhound from the Retired Greyhound Trust and making the connection between the pets we love and all other animals.

Wanting to ‘wear her values’, she searched far and wide for stylish, high quality, sustainable vegan fashion and realised pretty quickly that there were a plethora of great labels out there, but they were really hard to find. Thus, the idea to bring them all together in one chic place was born.

Three words that sum the brand up?

Wear Your Values

What does ‘sustainable fashion’ mean to Immaculate Vegan?

Sustainable fashion is about all aspects of the supply chain, from who makes our clothes, what they’re made from to the manufacturing processes including the packaging and delivery.

It’s about leaving as minimal an impact on the earth as possible without causing harm to people or animals. We ensure the brands we stock tick all our ethical criteria and believe in offering our customer seasonless, classic styles that are designed to be loved for a long time.

What sustainable, eco-conscious processes do you have in place?

As a marketplace, we sell over 100 labels, but we don’t hold stock, so the item gets shipped from the brand itself. This eliminates needless carbon emissions and the use of resources from not having to have the item packaged and shipped to us, and then repackaged and shipped out again to the customer. We’re a 100% online business, and our team works virtually, with no premises, offices or warehousing.

In terms of the items we sell, they all must have ethical labour practices, use the most progressive, sustainable manufacturing processes using the most environmentally friendly materials. They are all of course 100%vegan too.

What has been your highlight as a brand?

We’re only a year and a half old, but we’ve been lucky to have featured in Vogue, Marie Claire, on the BBC News and of course in YOU Magazine!

What are Immaculate Vegan’s best-selling products?

Definitely the new Frida Rome WEEK/END Crossbody Bag in Cactus Leather.

Frida Rome WEEK/END Crossbody Bag, £225, Immaculate Vegan

 A few of Shelly’s favourite things:

Bias Cut Slip Dress, £117, Immaculate Vegan

Collection And Co Leather Sandals, £90, Immaculate Vegan

Ration.L Leather Trainer, £70, Immaculate Vegan

AllKind Suede Mule, £160, Immaculate Vegan

Watson Wolfe Wilton Crossbody Bag, £155, Immaculate Vegan

Luxtra Apple Skin Crossbody Bag, £195, Immaculate Vegan

Come back next week for more of fashion director Shelly Vella’s favourite slow-fashion brands.