13 fashion bloggers share their tips on finding your personal style

Most people would agree that Instagram is a never-ending well of style inspiration and while this is unarguably a great thing, it can also mean it’s hard to find the fashion bloggers you identify with in amongst the masses.

The good news is, we’ve done the research and collated the ultimate style list of influencers who are killing it right now for your reference. Some are minimalist, some can’t get enough of colour, some are die-hard for pattern but all cater to a range of ages and body types.

We caught up with each one of them to ask three major questions: how they would sum up their style, what their number one piece of advice is for finding personal style, and what their go-to high street store is right now.

Get ready to take notes…

Erica Davies

Erica Davies certainly knows her stuff when it comes to fashion. A former fashion editor, stylist and brand consultant, her blog, The Edited, is the place to go if you want to learn the art of marrying clashing colours and patterns in an impossibly chic way.

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There are loads of things that make me happy. Sunny days. Things with pom poms on. The sea makes me happy. But it’s people, mainly. My children, my husband, my family. Nice folk who hold the door open for you, who look you in the eye and smile. Or just say ‘thanks’ and smile when you do the same. Smiles go a long way, especially from total strangers. Buttered soldiers and boiled eggs make me very happy. Carbs, generally. Also sitting in the garden on a sunny Saturday with a chilled glass of something, knowing there’s another day off tomorrow. My point? We’re all different. Different things make each of us happy. But we’re all doing those different things to try and achieve a bit of it. With a bit of luck, we’ll all get there our own way. Talking, listening, understanding, being open, being honest. Appreciating we’re all just trying to find a little chunk for ourselves. And while no one will ever agree on the absolute formula for happiness, I’d say embroidered lemons and bright red stripes has to be up there as a consideration 😉🍋🍋🍋 (The blouse is from a brand I discovered via the ‘gram and it’s called @pink_city_prints, with all pieces ethically made in Jaipur) . . CREDITS: Blouse, Pink City Prints | Skirt, LK Bennett | Sunglasses, Boden (gift) | Earrings, Clare Hynes Jewellery (gift) | Tap for brand details

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Style summed-up? ‘Bohemian meets casual, embroidery meets simple lines.’

Styling tip? ‘Always feel comfortable. You will always look better in something if you feel comfortable. Personal style doesn’t mean slavishly following trends, it’s about having the confidence and the choice to decide how you wish to present yourself. And if you feel great, that’s never wrong!’

Go-to high street store? ‘& Other Stories.’

The Stylist and the Wardrobe

If you like to dress simply but still experiment with a little pattern and texture here and there, then The Stylist and the Wardrobe’s Joanne Hegarty should become your go-to. She’ll show you how to introduce a few trend-led pieces like leopard silk trousers or gingham wrap skirts into your wardrobe alongside staples like the white shirt and breton.

Style summed-up? ‘Classic with a twist. I’m a fan of a neutral palette and love mixing different textures to create my look.’

Styling tip? ‘Don’t be led by the crowd – always stay true to yourself.’

Go-to high street store? ‘I’m loving Mango at the moment.’

Style Memos

Style Memos’s Alexis Foreman’s style is pared back but never boring, toned-down but never dull. She’s the queen of making simple lines and colours look utterly glamorous.

Style summed-up? ‘Practical with a slice of chic’

Styling tip? ‘Find what works for you and stick to it. There are so many trends out there that you can embrace and enjoy but I think it’s important to have a foundational style that runs beneath so you remain ‘you’ in it all. Fit is also really important. Don’t be afraid to go a couple of sizes up in a garment if it makes the style work better for you – it doesn’t matter what the label says.’

Go-to high street store? ‘At the moment it’s Arket. Ever since they launched last summer I’ve been hooked. They do basics really well in such great colour palettes but also tackle trends impressively. Plus I love their edit of other hero brands like Veja, R.M. Williams and Converse.’

Emma Rose Style

Emma Rose Thatcher is actually a double fashion adviser. She has her own page, Emma Rose Style, wear she makes us want to invest in floral dresses, white trainers and a good leather jacket almost everytime we check it and then A Style Album which she co-runs with our other style crush, Louise Redknapp. You’ll want everything they wear.

Style summed-up? ‘Relaxed and a little undone, I love to team a pretty dress with chunky boots or trainers. Or If I’m wearing a silk cami I’ll make sure I dress it down with vintage Levi’s and an oversized blazer.’

Styling tip? ‘I swear by having a style uniform. Good basics that make up endless outfits. Mine would be jeans, tees, leather jacket, blazer, a cropped black trouser. You can make your uniform unique to you with the outfits you feel most like yourself in and at your most comfortable. It saves time and stress on those days when you don’t know what to wear. Parisians do this so well. Emmanuel Alt never strays far from her uniform.’

Go-to high street store? ‘I’m much more considered when I shop the high street now, conscious of throwaway fashion. I still love it but just shop it differently – Topshop would always be my first port of call, the Personal Shopping service they offer is amazing, I like H&M online too, and have some real gems from both these stores that have stood the test of time.’

Does My Bum Look 40

Does My Bum Look 40’s Kat shows ever-so-stylishly that there’s no age cap on wearing fun, feminine and flirty pieces. We adore her printed maxi dresses with their tiered frills, her slogan knits, her bad-ass suits and her day-to-night jumpsuits.

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The joy at being able to wear a jacket and trainers. 💙💙Which will only last for a day and then I’ll be lamenting the loss of sunshine. 😝However it does give us all an excuse to go and look at new season loveliness (am I the only one who has been on go slow all day… in the process of decluttering the playroom and OMG the amount of tat… that I am trying to throw out and they are trying to keep, despite having not played with any of it for as long as any of us can remember 😩😩) AND I’ve put together a blog on… yes my beloved print dresses. ALL from the high street. All purse friendly with a couple of complete bargains over on Insta stories. Link to new blog in bio 👆👆 Obviously I need to do skirts now 😘 #newblogpost #ootd #wiwt Tap for credits Outfit details Tee @fwp_by_rae (gift ss18) – Jacket @tuclothing (ss17) – Skirt @ladoublej @matchesfashion (sale aw17) – Trainers @ishikawashoes @quattrorish (ss18)

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Style summed-up? ‘Modern classic with an eclectic mix.’

Styling tip? ‘If you love it, wear it and never save anything for best.’

Go-to high street store? ‘M&S and Anthropologie.’

That’s Not My Age

That’s Not My Age’s Alyson Walsh is brilliant at catering to a range of styles. She does minimalism well, she does pattern well, she does brights well and she mixes high street with high-end, timeless pieces with trend pieces.

Style summed-up? ‘Casual glamour. I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy – I live in jeans, jumpsuits and jackets, with flat shoes or trainers –  now that I’m older I call this Gentlewoman Style. To avoid looking too pared-down I’ll rev things up with a showbiz staple. Throw on an eye-catching coat or razor-sharp tuxedo jacket over a jumpsuit. Wear statement earrings with a simple shirtdress. Team a beautifully patterned silk blouse with a favourite, old pair of jeans. I love the go-anywhere appeal of dressed-up daywear’.

Styling tip? ‘Fit is the most important thing, if it doesn’t fit right and doesn’t sit right, you’ll spend the day faffing. And when an outfit works, keep wearing it! I am not the only woman who wears a version of the same clothes on consecutive days. This is not complacency, it’s common sense – and borne out of being satisfied. You can change the whole look with a different colour shoe or sneaker, different jewellery, a different coat in winter. As with leftovers, outfits are better the next day. Which is even more satisfying because you don’t have to put as much effort in’.

Go-to high street store? ‘I’m a huge fan of Scandinavian style and Arket’s minimalist approach and colour coded layout works for me.  I also like the mix of interiors, lifestyle products and fashion. It’s a good place for not-so-basic basics’.

Philippa Bloom

One half of We Are Twinset, a fashion and lifestyle blog, Phillippa Bloom is YOU’s former fashion editor turned blogger with an exceptional eye for trends. And as you can tell, she knows exactly how to rock a pair of jeans.

Style summed up? ‘I would describe my style as classic, relatable and minimal.’

Style tips? ‘Trust your own style, don’t follow a trend if it doesn’t feel right for you.’

Go-to high street store? ‘H&M, Mango, Topshop, & Other Stories.’

Kemi Telford

Yvonne Telford is the founder of KemiKids, a clothing brand that intertwines African prints and current, western trends. As a mother, Yvonne – a Nigerian Brit from Surrey – is dedicated to creating products that celebrate motherhood and womanhood.

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There are no shortcuts to the top of the palm tree. – African Proverb Mama Queen was one of the first slogans we launched. We launched Mama Cool too. I know almost everyone who bought one of these bags. This bag is pretty special because, on the inside, there is a feel-good message printed on the pockets. I want to tell you a story that I remembered as I carried this bag today. One Christmas, I remember loading these bags in a suitcase (with some other items) and dragging the heavy suitcase all the way (on the train from Surrey) to a Christmas market in East London. I made a grand total of £7.00 at the market. I sold only one discounted bangle. I felt hurt. I felt rejected. I doubted myself. I questioned why people were not buying the beautiful products I had lovingly created. I wondered why they bought from other people and not me. On my way back home, I cried on the train. I remember calling my friend and sister @a_dab_of_serenity who reassured me that the people who came to the market were not my tribe. She basically said; “When someone says no to you, it doesn't mean there is something wrong with what you are offering them; it just simply means it is not for them. This story is for the woman who sent me DM today about her new business. As the proverb says, There are no shortcuts to the top of the palm tree. You will get to the top. We all will. Have a wonderful evening.

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Style summed up? ‘My style is colourful, bold and distinctive. Over the years of experimenting with fashion, I finally found what I like. Most of the time, I wear African prints with a modern twist from the western culture.’

Style tips? ‘You don’t have to follow trends. Understand your body shape and wear clothes that flatter it. Set your own trends.’

Go-to high street store? ‘Uniqlo and Gap.’

Sonny Turner

Model and body positivity advocate Sonny Turner not only inspires change and encourages her followers to love the skin their in via her Instagram, she also has a YouTube account where she gets candid about everything from her breast reduction story to trying on clothes.

Style summed up? ‘My style is sporty but also feminine. I like street style clothing that emphasises my curvy body. For example, I’d wear a two piece crop top with trainers or vans. Or a dress with trainers.’

Style tips? ‘Wear what you want! I’m tired of hearing “dress for your body shape.” That’s ridiculous, we should all be allowed to wear what ever we want.’

Go-to high street store? ‘Bershka and H&M.’

Style Me Sunday

Natalie Lee, also known as Style Me Sunday, does fashion with feeling. ‘I use fashion to convey how I’m feeling, or conversely change how I’m feeling,’ she writes on her blog – and her Instagram account mirrors that message.

Style summed up? ‘I would say my style is vibrant. I love big, bold prints and colour. I very rarely wear black.

Style tip? ‘If you like it, wear it. Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. Don’t let fear be your guide. Dress for yourself.’

Go-to high street store? ‘At the moment it’s Mango and & Other Stories. But it changes all the time.’

Jada  Sezer

Jada Sezer is a British model and mental health advocate. Her interest in fashion was sparked by her ambition to become a role model for women and girls who feel unrepresented. She is also an ambassador for Young Mind Charity and was included in Women’s Health‘s first ever Strong Minds issue and empowering annual NAKED issue.

Style summed up? ‘My style is dictated by the mood and location. This often switches between rock star leather pieces, sophisticated power suits or 90s trends. But overall, I’d describe my style as minimalism that eventuates my figure.’

Style tips? ‘Don’t look at the size tag. Buy a piece depending on how you want it to fit. I’ve got a range of clothing in sizes UK 12-20 in my wardrobe.’

Go-to high street store? ‘Zara.’

Felicity Hayward

Founder of Self Love Brings Beauty, an inclusive digital movement focused on self-love, Felicity Hayward is known for her body confidence activism. The British model has worked with the likes of L’Oreal, Missguided, I-D and Vogue to name a few.

Style summed up? ‘A mix between 1950s glamour and 1990s sports chic, think Jayne Mansfield meets Missy Elliott.’

Style tip? ‘Wear whatever makes YOU feel confident, wear colour which suit your personality and shapes which make you feel sexy. Don’t feel the pressure to adhere to popular culture or trends, go with what you love.’

Go-to high street store? ‘I love River Island for their rich colours and embellishments and Monki for their oversize shapes and fun prints.’

Style Me Curvy

Louise O’Reilly of Style Me Curvy is a model, presenter, blogger and body confidence advocate. When she isn’t busy travelling the world for her modelling career, Louise inspires her followers with regular posts on her fashion blog.

Style summed up? ‘Feminine, colourful and very much about comfort. I aim for looks that can be restyled easily and something you can always give your own individual stamp on. I want to help women change perceptions of what curvy girls can wear – throwing the rule book out the window!’

Style tips? ‘Never underestimate the importance of classic wardrobe staples, especially for the A/W season. Black blazer, a structured skirt, a good pair of jeans – they will be a constant go-to when it comes to revamping your wardrobe and integrating new season styles. When you have base classics right (in terms of fit and style), it makes life so much easier no matter what size you are.

Go-to high street store? ‘River Island, Primark and Julien MacDonald at Debenhams are in my top five.’