Farrow & Ball has just revealed their top shades for autumn/winter

Thinking of redecorating? Well, if you weren’t before you certainly will be now, because Farrow & Ball has just revealed their top colours for autumn/winter and into 2021.

Speaking to Red Online, colour curator at Farrow & Ball Joa Studholme revealed that, as we’re all spending more time at home, the colour palette we’ll be veering towards is that of inviting and peaceful tones. That would explain why two other paint brands unveiled their Colour Of The Year for 2021 to be warm and familiar – Dulux’s ‘Brave Ground’ (a soft pink beige) and Graham & Brown’s ‘Epoch’ (an earthy reddish purple).

Like Graham & Brown, Studholme told Red Online that deep, earthy reds and browns are set to be big news for autumn/winter. These warm, earthy tones are comforting and, while deep, are not too stark. Find them in Farrow & Ball’s Deep Reddish Brown, Tanner’s Brown and Preference Red. 

Don’t worry if reds aren’t your thing, because clean blues are big news too. Moving away from vibrant summery tones, autumn/winter blues are more sophisticated and sea-like in hue, with neutral undertones. Find it in Pitch BlueUltra Marine Blue and the darker Stiffkey Blue

Green paint has already been a huge interiors trend for 2020 and Farrow & Ball say it’ll continue into 2021 along with the trend for earthy shades that evoke a sense of nature and the outdoors. Green walls are super calming and easily work in any room. Their top picks are Green Smoke, Treron and Sap Green.

Much like the above, Studholme also tells Red Online that other, more colourful – but still natural and not overpowering – earth tones are set to be big interiors news this season. Think warm sunshine yellow (such as India Yellow) and aged, relaxed pinks like Jitney and Dead Salmon. 

Anyone else feel like applying a fresh lick of paint to their living room this weekend?