This Sex And The City character has been found to be the fan favourite – and it’s not Carrie

With Sex And The City reboot, And Just Like That, currently filming and expected to be released on HBO Max later this year, many of us have been pouring over leaked photos from the set and rewatching old series of the show.

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Discussing Sex And The City with friends, however, the conversation naturally always turns to which of the four women you see yourself as in your own friendship group and which character is your favourite.

Up until now, however, there was no definitive answer as to who was the so-called fan favourite Sex And The City character. Searching for an answer, SlotsOnlineCanada conducted a Twitter sentiment analysis to deduce which Sex And The City character received the highest number of positive Tweets over the last year.

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The answer? Well, much to our surprise, it wasn’t Carrie Bradshaw but rather Charlotte York who took the top place as the fan favourite Sex And The City character.

Carrie closely followed Charlotte in second while Miranda Hobbs trailed at the very bottom of the list.

The Twitter analysis also found that Carrie’s on-off partner Mr. Big also proved popular with fans and even ranked high than Samantha and Miranda! Very good news considering he has been confirmed to return to our screens in And Just Like That.

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The fan favourite Sex And The City character:

  1. Charlotte York
  2. Carrie Bradshaw
  3. Mr. Big
  4. Samantha Jones
  5. Miranda Hobbes

Gayle Mitchell, Senior Editor at SlotsOnlineCanada said ‘It’s interesting to see that the appetite is definitely there for cult classics like Sex and the City to make a return – even after 17 years of it being off our screens. It leads us to ask whether the currently-airing series will also have such a lasting impression on fans.’

So, what do you think of the list and do you agree with the rankings?