There’s a Famous Five cookbook in the works

Just hearing the names of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five is enough to send us into a spiral of nostalgia. The adventures of Julian, Dick, Anne, Georgina and Timmy the dog were a crucial part of childhoods across the country for generations, and we’ve got fond memories of following their camps, hikes, swims and of course, legendary picnics.

From cups of lemonade and tomato sandwiches to tins of pineapple chunks and stashes of mint humbugs, the Famous Five were, well, famous for their food. Now a new cookbook, Five Go Feasting: Famously Good Recipes, is bringing those memories back into our kitchens.


The book, written by food writer Josh Sutton and published by Seven Dials, will be published on 1 November, to tie in with the anniversary of Enid Blyton’s death later that month.

The chapters divide 80 recipes for food and drinks into several categories: Jolly Good Breakfasts; Perfect Picnics; Scrumptious Suppers; Cracking Cakes and Tasty Treats; and Lashings of Delicious Drinks. Each will be accompanied by ‘familiar illustrations’ and quotes from the iconic stories.

‘The Famous Five never left the house for an adventure without eating a good breakfast or cooking one on the camping stove, and they always took picnic ingredients with them or discussed where they could pick up the best lunch on their travels,’ commissioning editor Emily Barrett explained to when asked about the inspiration behind the project. ‘I live by that philosophy – don’t we all?’


‘It helped that the vast majority of the recipes we still eat and love today, although we have also included a couple that are faithful to the books but perhaps aren’t as appetising in the 21st century, such as brawn and boiled tongue.’

‘I hope flicking through the recipes and reading the quotes around them will transport readers back to happy memories, and help them to recreate some of the Famous Five’s special magic in the kitchen.’

Alex Antscherl, editorial director at Enid Blyton Entertainment, added in a statement: ‘This lovely new recipe book is sure to evoke nostalgia for the wholesome and delicious food in The Famous Five books. Our Enid Blyton family cookbook Jolly Good Food introduced her food to a young audience, now Josh’s new cookbook will do the same for grown-up fans.’

Five Go Feasting: Famously Good Recipes is available to preorder on Amazon now.