This £7 brow tint sells one every 15 seconds and is as good as a salon treatment

Lockdown beauty was a tricky business – and still is, seeing as we still can’t get into the salon for facial treatments such as eyebrow threading or tinting.

Hair dressers and nail salons have finally reopened (hello gel mani with proper cuticle work and goodbye ever-emerging roots) as have many beauty salons, however beauticians still can’t offer any facial treatments until 1 August. If your unruly brows just can’t wait that long, or you’re still unsure about having a ‘close contact service’ like eyebrow tinting even once salons can offer them once more, we may have found the perfect DIY solution.

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Eylure Dybrow, a permanent tint which lasts up to six weeks, has been flying off the virtual shelves on Amazon all of lockdown thanks to its seriously impressive results.

In fact, it’s proven so popular it was number two on Amazon’s beauty bestseller list (behind hand wash, unsurprisingly) and was only available for pre-order several times during lockdown. Now, the brand reports that the product sells one every 15 seconds, further testament to it’s salon-worthy results – without the salon price tag.

eylure dybrow

Fans of the product who managed to get their hands on it before the surge in sales say it’s just as good as a salon treatment: ‘Such a good product, can get multiple uses and so much cheaper than to get it done professionally with basically the same results!’ says one who gave it one of its 1,265 five-star reviews.

‘Honestly, I’m a novice and my brows looked same as they do when a salon does them for twice the price. Colour lasted weeks and the product does loads of applications,’ agrees another happy customer.

The beauty of the Eylure Dybrow kit does seem to be in the ease of application – once you’ve applied a barrier product, such as Vaseline, around your brow to avoid any unwanted transference, you simply mix the solution and apply it with the supplied mascara wand. After a couple of minutes, you wipe away the excess and voila – the brows of your dreams, for a bargain price.

eylure dybrowEylure Dybrow Eyebrow Dye Kit, £6.95, Amazon 

Plus, each pack gets you up to 12 applications, making it even more cost-effective per use.

The dark brown kit is the most in demand on the site, but it also comes in black if this is your preferred shade. If you’re tempted, we’d advise placing your order now to get ahead of the growing queue. And remember, always do your patch test before combing it on.