This £6.24 brow tinting kit sells once every 30 seconds

During the first long lockdown of 2020, we were forced to find ways to supplement our beauty routine from home. From trying out DIY nail art to reaching for the root top up, it’s fair to say life without our appointments was trying. But the pandemic also helped us find some real gems in the beauty world, and some even good enough to permanently replace costly routine treatments.

For example, when it comes to keeping brows maintained, there are plenty of brilliant buys that are just as good as going in for professional appointments; namely, Eylure’s brow tint, which became a total hit of 2020 and beyond. In fact, it’s now so popular, one sells the equivalent of every 30 seconds on Amazon.

The Eylure DYBROW Eyebrow Dye Kit, Dark Brown costs just £6 online, making it a fraction of the cost of professional tint treatments, which can be in the region of £20+. Speaking from our perspective (it became a YOU favourite during last year’s lockdown), this truly is a holy grail brow product that makes getting definition easier and cheaper than ever.


The dye is mixed easily in the reusable dish that comes in the packet, and needs to be applied and left for between five and ten minutes, depending on how dark you’d like your tint to be.

It’s received nearly 30,000 reviews on Amazon, averaging out at a solid four and a half stars, with fans raving about the product in the comments.

Eyelure eyebrow tint kitEylure DYBROW Eyebrow Dye Kit, Dark Brown, £6.24, Amazon

‘There are 12 uses in the pack, so it works out at around £1 a time which is an absolute bargain. I would never again pay someone to tint my brows, or go back to applying make up to them daily,’ wrote one user.

‘Never tinted my eyebrows before and this was really easy,’ began another. ‘In my opinion, not that much different to how they do it in the salon. A great lockdown alternative… very happy!’ Said another.

You can pick up the eyebrow tint kit for just £6.24 on Amazon now.