‘I had something to say for myself’ Annie Lennox on battling self-doubt and the risk that paid off

If there’s anyone who knows what a different a decade makes, it’s Annie Lennox. The early 90s saw her part from Eurythmics bandmate Dave Stewart and launch a solo venture that would send her soaring to even greater levels of fame, winning countless awards and becoming a global household name.

Now, as part of her retrospective, shared with YOU magazine, she’s reflecting on her incredible 30-year career, documenting the hits, highs and lows (and providing us with a vivid walk down memory lane…)

‘I craved independence and freedom from being with someone else – but I didn’t have complete faith in myself,’ she recalls of the moment she and Dave decided to go their separate ways. ‘It was just to see if I could. I think that I had something to say for myself. I needed to know if it was possible, because I had a Siamese twin, in a way, with Dave, for such a long time. It was important for me to try, who I was.’

The challenge paid off – as evidenced by the film, which follows her journey through from the moment of the break-up to debut album Diva and the covers of Medusa (and beyond).

In these intimate interviews, Annie shares the inspiration behind the music, varying from her young daughter Lola to everyday ‘miracles’ – ‘Everything is like a miracle to me. I’m not religious, but I acknowledge this extraordinary universal force everywhere is a miracle, so it’s not hard to find them,’ she explains. ‘They’re everywhere. But it’s difficult and challenging, just being alive. It’s a very interesting experience.’

‘There’s duality in life, and the songs are full of duality. They’re funny, and they’re sad. They’re beautiful, and they’re dark. That’s life.’

Watch Annie’s film in full

Annie’s albums Diva & Medusa are available now on 12” Vinyl