Topshop’s famous polka dot dress is back with a new colourway

If you’ve stepped into any high street store recently, you’ll know that there’s one clear trend this season – polka dots. Be it bags, skirts or dresses, our favourite retailers have been inundated with polka dot prints, and one particular dress has stole the limelight this summer.

Topshop’s white silky polka dot dress caused a frenzy among the British public earlier this season, selling out almost immediately after becoming available online. However, the famous frock has now been restocked in a new colour.


It’s no surprise that the dress has become as popular as it is – it’s oh so chic, and perfect for floating around the city in as temperatures soar. But if you didn’t manage to get your hands on the white original, you’re in luck as the dress is now available in black and looks just as good, if not better.

The midi dress combines two polka dot prints (with bigger statement dots in the centre) and cuts down into a deep V-neck. And before you start panicking about which bra to wear with it (if any) – fear not.

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Plenty of bloggers and Instagram stars alike have opted to style the dress with a long sleeve t-shirt underneath, solving both the bra dilemma and making it fit for our unpredictable British weather.

Fashion blogger Erica Davies was one of the lucky few who managed to get her hands on the white version of the popular dress, and took to Instagram to dish out some sound advice on how to wear it.

‘I’m not mega comfortable showing off masses of flesh myself,’ she wrote in the caption of a post. ‘No one really needs to see my child-addled cleavage, or indeed the side rolls. Not even me, to be honest. But what I am saying is, don’t be scared by a beautiful, yet low-fronted dress!’

Topshop polka dot dress

She continued: ‘On holiday, or a sunny picnic, I’ll dress this down with a black vest underneath and flat sandals. For more of an event, I’ll wear it like this, with a cream and black floral lace blouse underneath and red heels. The important bit when layering like this is to make sure the colour tones are the same.”

The dress, which was originally priced at £49, can now be bought for £55 at Topshop. However, we’re sure they’re being snapped up as we speak, so hurry!